What will be the right time of Shradh?

Time is essentially the fabric that flows seamlessly through this creation and it is in time, that all existential experiences exist!
The significance of time is such, that it determines the very outcome of an action to a large extent. This means- a same piece of action performed in a time period that is not conducive, yields a distorted result and the same piece of action conducted in a favourable time, brings more than anticipated fruits of success.
This is because, particular planetary alignments at a given time have a specific effect on nature and obviously in turn on humans.
So, while performing the most critical duty that we have towards our ancestors, that is the ritual of Shradh, we must take into account the extremely important factor of time well into our consideration.
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Before going for performing the Shradh Puja, one must find out:
Tithi (Date) that is designated for the Shradh of the deceased.
Right time of the day to perform the Shradh Puja.
Tithi of Shradh is determined by finding out the tithi of death of the ancestor as per the Lunar calendar. Once the tithi is determined, the same tithi is looked in the Shradh Paksha (period designated for performing the Shradh rituals) to ascertain when the Shradh should be performed.
People who:
Do not know the tithi of demise of their ancestors,
Want to perform the Shradh of all their known and unknown ancestors or
For some reason, were not able to perform the Shradh on the designated tithi
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can perform the Shradh on Amavasya (New Moon tithi).
Amavasya of the Shradha Paksha or Pitra Paksha (Shradh period in the month of Ashwin) is known asMahalaya Amavasya or Sarvapitri Amavasya.
It is also in practice to perform the Shradh of the deceased every month on the tithi of death that appears in that month’s Lunar calendar for the first year. After that only annual Shradh is performed.
What is the right time of the day to perform Shradh?
A day when divided into five parts, then the fourth part is called the “Aparanha” period.
As per the ancient holy texts, the Aparanha period is considered the most auspicious for performing Shradh Puja. Furthermore, the perfect times to perform Shradh Puja during this period are Kutup Muhurt and Rohina Muhurt.
Which time period is prohibited for performing Shradh?
The Shradh Puja must not be performed during the transition period from one ‘prahar’ (one-eighth of a day) to another, in the evening or at night and a also time close to these periods.
Interesting to know:
A Shradh ritual that is performed when the ‘Bharni Nakshatra’ is in position during the Pitru Paksha, it gives the auspicious results that are equivalent to performing a Shradh ritual at the holy place of Gaya and assists the deceased to get free from the ‘Pret Yoni’ (A state of turmoil in the after-life).
However as prescribed in the ancient holy spiritual texts- Bharni Shradh ritual should be performed after the annual Shradh is done altleast for once after the death of a person.

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