Rahu, the world of need and ambition are going to be conjunct Mars the world of action specifically on Gregorian calendar month 14th-16th within the mean node system. after they square measure inside 3-5 degrees of every different, there’s a robust influence which can inherit play Gregorian calendar month 7-21st however they’re still each along within the same region sign and also the influence is there till late Gregorian calendar month twenty second. only if the Mars/Saturn/Rahu/Ketu/Pluto affiliation is thus advanced, we tend to square measure breaking down the Mars/Rahu conjunction intimately here.
The transit creates nice energy to need to act however Saturn blocks it across the approach in Sagittarius making frustration. It will simply cause to losing one’s temper simply. The key with this transit is take the energy for artistic functions and channel it to form nice inventions or technological advancements however avoid being hasty or over-enthusiastic or accidents and overwork may stress the adrenals. Health-wise, vital sign may be exaggerated if you are doing not weigh down with this energy thus take care and avoid being reckless or driving sort of a maniac. i’m seeing this on road currently with individuals passing three cars at just one occasion and simply creating it into the their own lane. Calm Mars and flatbread with less spicy food, a lot of coconut milk and milk and a lot of meditation. The human create can balance Mars and permit it to remain a lot of targeted. Prayers to Hanuman or paying attention to Hanuman Chalisa square measure useful.Since Rahu acts like Saturn associate degreed is an enemy of Mars, this facet may be intense and tough. it’ll promote outward courageousness however the vata/air part of Rahu might promote inner worry. The tendency could also be to attack recklessly thus take care. If you have got this facet in your natal chart, it should promote smart action with career, energy and journey however avoid foolhardiness and watch rash tempers that may cause violence. This energy are going to be felt powerfully on Tuesdays and to a lesser degree on Wednesdays and weekday (connected to Rahu) and whenever the moon is connected to the 2 planets.

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