Delhi HC: Bar and Police are two faces of coin of justice, it is essential that they work in close proximity and harmony, advises their joint meeting, Read Order

On Wedenesday, Delhi High Court whilst disposing off the petition for clarfying the order passed on third November,2019 expressed its affliction at the existing kingdom of situation prevalining between suggest in Delhi and the Delhi Police.
HC Bench in its order has referred to that,”In our democratic polity, the Bar and the Police establishment symbolize and constitute, as it were, the preserver, and the protector, of the rule of law. They are but two faces of the coin of justice, and it is essential, for the rule of regulation to prevail, that they work in close proximity and harmony. Any dissonance, or friction, between them, is deleterious to peace and harmony, and damaging of public interest, in the long run”.
The Delhi High Court Bench counseled that a joint meeting, of responsible representatives of the Advocates and the Police institution be convened, who should make a honest effort to meet and sort out their variations amicably, on the foundation of dialogue and deliberations, with the objective of dissolution of their differences.
Bench was once of the view that the differences have in reality arisen owing to a verbal exchange gap, during the closing few days.
“We are hopeful that, if a honest try is made in this direction, peace and harmony will subsequently prevail” introduced Bench.

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