Commonly asked Google AdWords Interview Questions and Answers

1) Explain what is AdWords?
Ans- AdWords is a system that Google has created to accommodate in marketing product or services on Google search engine and its affiliated sites. It appears as a text ad that is displayed when people search for keywords that are linked with your product, service or an offering.
2) Explain how AdWords work?
Ans- Adword directly works under a bidding system and by bidding I mean the price of a particular Ad. More the price, higher the ranking of the Ad. Also, these AdWords work on ‘pay per click’ which means you only pay the amount you have quoted, only if somebody clicks on your Ad.
3) Explain why to use Google AdWords?
Ans- For Google AdWords few visitors will value more than a million visitors as the traffic that is generated from surfing information wouldn’t really want to buy the product. Whereas, traffic is generated through pay per click those people know what they are clicking at and what they want to buy. Therefore, that traffic is way more valuable.
4) Explain what is Ad rank?
Ans- Ad rank basically determines the position of your ad on Google page and it is determined by one’s bid for the keyword.
5) Explain how does a Google auction work?
Ans- The auction is run billion times a month and users finds ads that falls in the category they are looking for. The search engine processes it and fixes the rank positions based on the auction which is again in relation to the cost per click.
6) Explain what is Google Quality Score?
Ans- Quality score of Google ensures the viability of your ad to the user, primarily based on your ad’s CTR, i.e. the quality of your landing page and its keyword relevance. Better the quality score, you’ll be able to save money on your ads and also maintain a better ranking.
7) Explain what is an ad group in Google AdWords?
Ans- Ad group is a vessel of your keywords, advertisements, and landing pages. If one prepares AdWord campaigns that are properly structured then Google also rewards those advertisers. It is advisable to organize keywords into theme for a better structure.
8) Explain what is conversion optimizer in AdWords?
Ans- Conversion Optimizer in Google AdWords is a tool for bid manipulation that decides as to which clicks on the ad will add value to it. It helps in getting a better return on investment.
9) Mention in Google AdWords that options can’t be changed after creating an account?
Ans- Once creating an account Currency and Time Zone cannot be changed. therefore it is recommended to fill in the details carefully.
10) Explain as to how can you improve conversion rates?
Ans- By creating ads that match properly with keywords and create tightly themed ad groups, you can target users to the campaign that helps in conversions.
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11) What is the benefit of using broad matches with negative keywords, instead of exact match keywords by themselves?
Ans- Your ad will attract more traffic and you can create keyword lists more quickly.
12) What are Google Ad Extensions?
Ans- The Google Ad extentions are mentioned as following:
Call Extensions
Location Extensions
Social Annotations
Seller ratings
Mobile app extensions
Offer ads
Communication Ad
Review extension
Image and drop down navigation Ad extension
13) What is the formula to find CTR (Click Through Rate)? Does CTR help in improving quality score?
Ans- The formula to find CTR is as follows- (Total clicks / Total impressions) X 100.
Yes, CTR does help in improving quality score.
14) What is the most important factor in determining your ad position
Ans- The most important factor in determining ad position is Cost per Click or CPC. Whereas, CTR or Click Through Rate comes second.

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