Government Servant Not Entitled To Full Pension/Gratuity During Pending Disciplinary/Judicial Proceedings: Allahabad HC [FB] [Read Judgment] “It is as sure as death that gratuity isn’t collectible to the govt.worker, if judicial proceedings of either nature, civil or criminal unfinished against him.” The Allahabad judicature has control that a Government servant isn’t entitled to full pension/death cum-retirement gratuity on/or throughout unfinished disciplinary/judicial proceedings against the govt. servant. the complete bench comprising of Justice Pankaj Mithal, Justice Suneet Kumar and Justice Rohit Ranjan Agarwal ascertained that the claim to full pension /death-cum-retirement gratuity to the govt. servant is subject to the result of the disciplinary/judicial proceedings and issue of ultimate orders on it by the competent authority. The bench was considering a regard to it on the problem of claim of the govt. servant to receive death cum-retirement gratuity on superannuation or otherwise unfinished judicial proceedings.

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