7 Unconventional Tips & Tricks For Extreme Weight Loss

7 Unconventional Tips & Tricks For Extreme Weight Loss

So, looking forward for extreme weight loss and that too within a short span of time? Before, we move ahead, it is important to understand that this asks in for a good amount of dedication, hard work and determination, so make sure that you do not miss on any of these and within no time you will be able to shed all that extra fat, flab and weight.

1. To Lose Weight-Start Eating:

The more you starve, the difficult it would get for you to lose weight once you have reached the saturation point. For the ones who want to lose more than 50 pounds, it is important to have at least 6 meals or mini meals a day.

2. Consume Nutrients- Not Calories:

Consume Nutrients- Not Calories:
Consume Nutrients- Not Calories:

Another magical tip that is going to help you lose weight fast and big. Take a count of your calories and make sure that you include enough nutrients. The number of 1,000 calories needs to go with something nutritious and this is what you need to be careful of. Take in food that has fiber, protein and for this you can ditch that calorie count too.

3. Go Slow With The Calorie Cut:

Give your body some time to adjust with the dietary changes that you wish to make, do not abrupt with the calorie cut as this will make weight loss even tougher.

4. Keep Muscle Loss To Low:

Keep Muscle Loss To Low
Keep Muscle Loss To Low

We all know that when that workout in the gym begins it is not all the fat that melts some muscle loss too occurs, try to keep this to a low. Go in for weight training as this will help you hit two birds with a single stone.

5. Look For Healthier Version Of Your Favorite Foods:

That craving for pizza or donut is going to occur for sure, it is you who needs to act in control, make these at home with low fat ingredients and you can enjoy that cheat meal once in a fortnight.

6. Take In More Protein:

Take in more protein

Protein is not going to pile on any calories and at the same time is going to keep the tummy full. Try and have lean protein meals twice a day and those extreme weight loss will surely be met.

7. Eat Till You Satiate:

DO not keep on eating until and unless the tummy begins to fill up full, go by the feeling that says you are no longer hungry.

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