10 Effective & Safe Home Remedies To Get Rid Off Acne

10 Effective & Safe Home Remedies To Get Rid Off Acne

Your skin needs your love and attention and for this you do not need to pay hefty bills at salons, there are enough ingredients on the kitchen shelf that can help you kick off those pesky looking acne and pimples.

1. Start applying apple cider vinegar on acne and within few days you will see great results. It not only kills bacteria but also helps skin retain its pH level.

home remedies for acne
home remedies for acne

2. Make a mask out of honey and cinnamon; apply it on the acne prone area twice a week and you will soon see pimples and acne vanish. Cinnamon is anti-microbial and honey gives your skin the nourishment it needs.

3. Apply some curd or yogurt on acne and let it dry, the acid present in this dairy product will kill acne and prevent the re-occurrence.

4. Whip some egg whites and apply this on the acne prone area, this will not only give skin the nutrition it needs to combat the enemy but will also make those scars and marks fade away.

5. Papaya is a magical ingredient for acne and pimples. Get some papaya flesh and apply it on the skin, let it dry and then wash it off. Enzyme pa-pain is going to cut on that pain and inflammation.

6. Orange peels work great on acne and pimples. Make a paste out of the peel, you can add some milk or honey to smoothen it out and then apply it on the skin. With its astringent properties, it is going to kill acne from skin deep.

Home remedies for acne and scars

7. Tea tree oil can work wonders for acne prone skin, dilute few drops of the oil in water and dab it over the skin. This solvent is going to cut that sebum and will also remove dead skin cells.

8. Strawberries and honey together can make a great pack for acne. Take raw honey and fresh strawberries to make the paste and apply in regularly. This pack is going to shrink the skin pores cutting passage for more acne.

9. Don’t throw that banana peel; rub it on acne as it contains an effective antioxidant called lutein. This tip can work wonders for the ones dealing with that redness or itchiness that acne causes.

10. Aloe vera is a magical plant; apply the gel on the skin as it comes with loads of anti-inflammatory properties. With the anti-bacterial properties the acne will leave their home and vanish.

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