6 popular monsoon destination in India, perfect to visit from Ahemdabad

Throughout the year, according to Hindi calendar, there are six seasons in the India. Monsoon is a season of rain and pleasant weather. There are some popular monsoon destinations in India, that are perfect to visit from Ahemdabad. You can buy Ahmedabad to Kerala tour packages that will allow you to experience monsoon season. These packs are delightful and comes with a budget friendly price. These popular places have very good climate and monsoon makes them more gorgeous. You can visit these places from every part of the country.

1. Shnongpdeng, Meghalaya

Shnongpdeng village is an adventure destination with several activities, located in Meghalaya. This place is full of mountains, waterfalls, rivers and greenery. The green plants and trees blossoms more in rainy season. The Umngot river is one of the main attraction and source of the water activities. This river is so clean that the boats look like they are floating in the air. Shnongpdeng has crystal clear waters and amazing views of the suspension bridge. You can also do many adventure sports like Ziplining, Kayaking, Trekking and Scuba Diving.

2. Allappuzha, Kerala

Allappuzha is a city on the Laccadive sea, in the southern Indian state of Kerala. It is best known for the houseboat cruises along the rustic Kerala backwaters. The Mullakkal temple features a traditional design of the city. Allappuzha backwaters and beaches are the must see tourist attraction in the district. This is the place, full of greenery and natural beauty. This place is famous for colorful lagoons, rice peddies and lighthouse. You can also visit beaches, temples and churches here.

3. Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu

Kodailkanal is a hill town in the southern Indian state of Tamil nadu. It is located in an area of granite cliffs, forested valleys, lakes and waterfalls. There is a man made Kodaikanal lake, in the center of this town. Kodaikanal is worth visiting for the scenic views, the pleasant weather and the peaceful atmosphere. You can visit Berijam lake and enjoy game of golf in the beauty of the surroundings. There are many places to visit in Kodaikanal that can make your holiday more memorable.

4. Loktak lake, Manipur

Loktak lake is the largest freshwater lake located in the Manipur state of India. It is a pulsating lake, with surface area varies to 500 square kms during rainy season. It is the most popular tourist attraction in Manipur. It is known for its floating circular swamps, which are called Phumdis, in the local tongue. It is a beautiful stretch of water resembling a miniature inland sea. A day spend at Loktak lake is a lifetime of memory. This the most beautiful and highly suggested lake, to visit in Manipur.

5. Kausani, Uttarakhand

Kausani is a hill station, situated in Bangeshwar district, in the Uttarakhand state. It is famous for its scenic splendor and its spectacular panoramic view of Himalayan peaks. It is an ideal place for people, who want a relaxing vacation away from city noise. It is known as the Switzerland of India, because of its aesthetic beauty. Surrounded by the lush greenery and charming attraction, this place is certainly worth a visit. Apart from bringing down temperatures, the monsoon also lowers room rates for travellers. Kasauni in the monsoon means watermelon pink sunsets, unpopulated view points and peace.

6. Khajjiar, Himachal Pradesh

Khajjiar is a hill station located in Himachal. It is about 100 kms from Pathankot railway station and located in the Kangra district. Khajjiar is famous for the popular Khajji naga shrine, dedicated to the serpent god. Khajjiar has one of the beautiful lush meadows, which is situated in the stunning Chamba valley. You can visit Khajjiar lake, which is very famous among tourists. Khajjiar packs a punch in terms of adventure, nature and culture, making it worth a visit. This place boasts of a threefold ecosystem lakes, forests and pastures. This place becomes more appealing in monsoon.

There are many places in India, where one can visit during monsoon season. These above place are the most popular monsoon destination in India, and perfect to visit. These places have natural beauty like forests, hills, lakes, and beaches. Monsoon season makes them glow even more. You will feel peace and meditated, after visiting to these pleasant places. Many companies provide packages to visit here.

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