Why Do You Need TPA Empanelment?

The healthcare industry is transforming its procedures with technology support. I & D Hospital Solution offers the TPAs empanelment services supporting organizations that handle the reporting components, claims, and processing of self-funded health insurance plans. An employer who has self-funded insurance opts for TPA services.

Empanelment helps to make the experience of the patients better, improve their health, and reduce the overall costs. The main aim of TPA empowerment is to assist insurance and healthcare firms with insurance policies supporting the related companies with hassle-free experience for patient management.

I & D Hospital Solution provides the best Hospital empanelment with TPA to businesses with an intentional, systematic, and refined process. Empanelment is one of the most important strategies used by hospitals and healthcare centers.

About Us: 

I&D Hospital Solution private limited is a well-established healthcare company providing healthcare and insurance facilitation. We work with a dedicated team member group to give high-class treatment and facilities to manage hassle-free treatment and patient care methods.

We offer your company the best-rated medical empanelment, human resources solution, claim management team, insurance consultancy, etc. Many established ad esteemed healthcare organizations avail our services for streamlining treatment solutions with synchronized related procedures.

Our experts consider every aspect of patient care, treatment, machinery, etc. Our professionals work 24X7 to provide the best possible treatment and consultancy services for patient treatment and care.

TPA Empanelment Services At I&D Hospital Solutions: 

TPA empanelment is one of the most needed empanelments for smooth management. Our professionals take care of the various administrative tasks necessary for healthcare and insurance management agencies. I&D Hospital Solution offers the best TPA empowerment, which looks after the entire health insurance claim settlement.

These tasks include settling the hospital bills and dealing with all the hospital documents with a strong network with government agencies and insurance companies. We team up with Third-Party Administrators licensed by IRDA (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India).

Insurance companies conveniently manage their procedures with our TPA empanelment services. It is mainly because TPA helps make the claim process smooth and hassle-free. Here is a list of our TPA empowerment services in healthcare.

  • Valid Health Cards For All The Policyholders: 

Our team provides valid health cards to every policyholder through an insurance company after a detailed validation procedure. We assist the companies in ensuring the details and documents of the policyholder. The policy number and other information are required to claim the policy. Issuing this card is one of the major roles of TPA in health insurance.

  • Assures Smooth Claim 

We assure to provide smooth claims to the insurer through the insurance companies, which is one of the imperative roles of TPA in health insurance. Our TPA empanelment services ensure that the amount claimed settles smoothly. Our team handles issues, including document checks, final submission, and related management.

  • Providing Other Value-Added Services 

Apart from issuing the card and I & D solution assuring a hassle-free claim, our experts also provide TPA empanelment with various other value-added services to the customers. These services include well-being programs, ambulance services, etc., managed by our team.

  • Knowing Empanelment Requirements

Hospital empanelment with TPA can improve health outcomes. There are several reasons why stakeholders think that empanelment is a worthwhile intervention. Here is a list of indications that will help you know and understand that an empanelment is required.

When you see a group of people who do not have any source of care, you will understand that it is time to get an empanelment done.

While there is a segment of patients who do not get care at all, on the other hand, another segment of a patient over-utilizes the amount of care they get. To stop this over-utilization, you need empanelment.


The TPA empanelment is necessary for the population of people who experience mortality and morbidity. I&D solution ensures that patients are provided with the utmost care without any problems. Our team ensures that proper treatment and care facilities are provided to patients by the hospital management and insurance companies.

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