Wall Clock Vastu (Know the proper Direction Position Them)

Wall clock vastu is what most people don’t pay any attention in any respect. we tend to sometimes droop the clocks where we’d realize it snug to seem at them. Not for a second we tend to provides a considered whether or not that location (or position) of clock is correct or not. Having aforesaid that, ought to|i have to} tell you that as per vastu shastra there’re rules and laws that you just need to watch out whereas positioning wall clocks in your home or workplace.
Again, like everything else in vastu shastra, a incorrectly positioned clock brings in ill-effects whereas a properly settled on attracts abundance & prosperity.
So with none delay, let’s dive right in to learning vastu for wall clocks & clocks.
Clock/Wall Clock Vastu – Here’s the way to fuck Right!
Doing clock vastu the proper method is SUPER straightforward. All that you just have to be compelled to do is to follow vastu tips for clocks placement and you’re done.
Below could be a list of clock & clock vastu do’s and don’ts for you.
Clock/Wall Clock Vastu – What to Follow
Position wall clocks on North or East walls.
Hanging a punch in North is believed to draw in wealth. additional on attracting wealth @ Vastu Tips For Wealth .
You can place a punch in West too however that ought to be the last possibility
Placing apparatus clocks in jap facet is taken into account sensible.
In bedroom, attempt to place the clock such you’ll see it right from the bed after you get up (probably on North wall as you’d keep your head towards South whereas sleeping). additional on sleeping position vastu @ the way to Sleep As Per Vastu
Always droop clocks within the house.
Repair or replace non-working clocks.
All the clocks ought to be at correct time or 1-2 minutes previous correct time.
Always clean all the wall clocks.
Clock/Wall Clock Vastu – What to Avoid
No wall clocks on South wall.
Avoid hanging clock on top of any door.
No wall clocks ought to face chamber door.
No wall clocks allowed outside the house.
No broken or stopped clocks within the house.
Clocks ought to ne’er be behind the right time.
A clock’s glass shouldn’t be broken.
Avoid clocks that depict negative energy (such as grief, war, loneliness etc.)
For a clock (or clock) in chamber check that that the bed isn’t mirrored within the clock’s glass.
And that’s just about it once it involves clock vastu.
I hope that you just found the knowledge to be very useful.
I’d adore it if you opt to share it with everybody you know!

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