Using Protective Security for Android Devices Against Trojans

If you’re reading this, then it’s almost 100% likely that you own one or more Android devices
If you’re reading this, then it’s almost 100% likely that you own one or more Android devices. You probably have experienced some unknown, strange processes or applications running on your device that chances are you never downloaded or there are popup ads which cause irritation while playing a game or using an application. If that is right, keep reading because this article is for you.
Trojan! What’s That and How Bad Can It Get?
Above we mentioned issues that might be due to Trojans that you have downloaded to your device. You probably have heard of viruses and know very well what they are and how they work to destroy your systems. But what is a Trojan? Is it some other name for a virus? The answer is ‘Yes’ and ‘No’. Technically a Trojan is something different from a virus. They don’t replicate themselves like viruses do. But as a user, just remember that it is still also as deadly and dangerous as a virus.
These Trojans are implemented along with an affected app that you possibly downloaded to your device. Trojans provide a backdoor to hackers and they can steal important information from your device. In some cases, you may actually lose all your financial backing and can even have your bank account emptied. So, stay active and keep your guard high while downloading apps from the Play Store. Because Trojans are usually distributed over fake versions of popular apps.
Sometimes You Need to be Overprotected
A Trojan named Android.Spy.277.origin was distributed over 100 official Google Play apps before it was discovered, corrected and removed from the Play Store. Although Google has introduced Play Protect which scans and marks safe apps as verified. But some Trojans like Android.Spy.277.origin are so sophisticated that they get through it. Therefore, Android users should not depend on just Play Protect.
Here are some common signs that your device has been attacked and there’s a Trojan roaming around it.
The performance begins to drop.
The battery drains faster than before.
Unexplained data usage.
Sudden advertisements.
Unexplained, Strange apps.
How to Stop Trojans from Boarding Your Device
So far, you’ve learned that you need to stay vigilant and keep your eyes on your phone system to detect any suspicious activities. But there are some steps that you can take to maximize your device security.
Don’t Install Apps from Unknown Sources First of all, stop installing apps from unverified sources. To be sure of that, navigate to “Settings” and find “Unknown Sources” under the “Security” tab. Now make sure that the box is unchecked. This will stop you from unintentionally downloading untrusted apps.
Read Reviews Learn from other people’s experience. Always check the rating and read reviews of the app that you’re interested in. If it contains a Trojan or Virus, you’ll find negative reviews. Stay away from low rated apps.
Keep Your Android Updated There are regular updates from Google for android but most people ignore them. That’s not a good practice. The new updates come with fixed bugs and enhanced security. So, spare some time to update your device whenever you see a new update available.
Be Careful with FREE Games/Apps It feels tempting to download free games to kill your time in a subway or while waiting for your turn in a bank. But always keep it in mind, there is nothing free and such harmless looking games may actually contain Trojans. So, always go for trusted apps.
Check App Permissions All apps need certain permission to function properly. Most people ignore to check those permissions while downloading apps. And that’s a big mistake. Always review the permissions that an app is asking and If you find something strange, like a ‘Calculator’ app asking to get access to your contacts, gallery, and internet, never hit ‘ACCEPT’. Just stay away from such apps.
Install Antivirus You can never check everything on your own so it won’t hurt to install a trusted antivirus in your device. Because sophisticated Trojans are not easy to detect on your own. A good antivirus will help you against them.
Make Regular Backups Last but not least, always keep an updated backup of your device. Because you can never be 100% sure. So, in case of a Trojan attack, a backup will come in handy.
Continue to Stay Vigilant
With Android devices being very common, the threat of Trojans and information leak has also widespread. You, now, know the symptoms of Trojans and how to avoid them. So, just follow these precautions and guard your device with a good antivirus and look for the signs of any sneaky Trojan.

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