Top SEO Interview Questions & Answers For Experienced

Q1. What is 301 redirect?
Ans. A method by which a user is redirected to new URL from old URL.
Q2. What are the common SEO mistakes?
Not optimising for right keywords
Not having unique title tags and meta descriptions
Using the same anchor text for every link
Focusing on link quantity over link quality
Using poorly-written content
Q3. What is Googlebot?
Ans. It is a kind of software used by the Google as a search bot to index a webpage.
Q4. What methods would you apply for decreasing the loading time of a website?
Some methods:
Optimise images without losing quality
Enable browser caching
Optimise CSS delivery
Q5. What is robots.txt?
Ans. robots.txt, is a standard used by websites to communicate with web crawlers and other web robots.
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Q6. Which is better — Meta Robot tags or robots.txt?
Ans. Meta Robot tags are better as it helps in forcing the search engine crawlers not to index and display hidden pages. It also ensures that the link equity is not being lost, with the use of the ‘follow’ command.
Q7. What is Keyword Difficulty?
Ans. Keyword difficulty defines how difficult a keyword is to rank due to its popularity.
Q8. What is a long tail keyword?
Ans. Long tail keywords are phrases containing over 4+ words that make search results highly specific.
Q9. What is SEO friendly URL?
Ans. SEO-friendly URLs are those having proper length and file structure.
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Q10. What is a landing page?
Ans. A web page which serves as the entry point for a website or a particular section of a website.

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