Top Google AdWords Interview Questions For Experienced

Q1. Explain how Google AdWords work?

Google AdWords works on the basis of a bidding system, where the bid price and quality score determines if an ad will appear on the top of Google page. Higher the bid and quality score, better are the chances of an ad being on top.Q2. What is Quality Score?Quality Score is the rating given by Google based on the relevancy of keywords used and the PPC ad design. It is based upon multiple factors like CTR (click-through rate), keyword relevance, landing page quality and relevance, ad text relevance, and performance of previous ads.Q3. Why do you think PPC is important in digital marketing?PPC is important in digital marketing for the following reasons:You can reach the right customer at the right time.PPC shows results quickly as compared to organic campaigns.PPC can be effective in advertising odd products which are difficult to find easily.Q4. Should PPC be used by big brands only?No. All brands can get the most out of PPC. It all depends on finding the relevant, targeted, high-intent keywords that will work effectively.Q5. What is Ad rank?Ad rank is your position on the Google page and is determined by Quality Score.Q6. How does ad auction work on Google AdWords?Ad auction runs billions of times each month and the most relevant ads are shown to the users based on what they are viewing.Q7. What are the various Google AdWords extensions?There are different types of extensions which can be used to increase traffic. Some of the common ad extensions are: sitelink extension, callout extension, structured snippet extension, call extension, message extension, location extension, affiliate location extension, price extension, app extension, review extension and promotion extension.Q8. What is the character limit for AdWords ad?Headline 1 – 30 characters.Headline 2 – 30 characters.Description Line – 80 characters.Q9. Which settings cannot be changed after creating an AdWords account?Time zone and currency.Q10. What should be the ideal quality score for AdWords?Google benchmarked 5 and above as the ideal quality scores for best results.

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