Top Android Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers In 2019

These are Android interview questions that an IT fresher (with very little knowledge of Android), aiming to get into Android Development will face. An Android developer with some experience would be asked much advanced questions. One important thing that must be noted is that organizations generally hire freshers (with no Android skills), only if they come from premier technical institutes and have exceptional knowledge of Java. Otherwise, the freshers are considered only if they have some experience with Android. It is important to clearly grasp the basic concepts of Android and generally, an Android Certification training is recommended to understand each & every nuance of the technology. We had a detailed discussion with several Android professionals about their expectations from fresher engineers aiming to get into Android development, and this article is a relay of what they had to say about the most important Android Interview Questions:
Question #1) What are the main components/building blocks of Android? Elaborate! (Alternatively, the interviewer can just name the components and ask you to explain.)
Question #2) Interviewees maybe asked to write a basic C program.
Question #3) A simple Java Programming Question is generally asked.
Question #4) The interviewees are generally asked about the updates in the latest version of Android. For instance, Which is the latest version of Android; explain the upgrades in it from the version before?
Question #5) One generic question that serves as an icebreaker in fresher Android interviews more often than not is “Why do you want to get into application development?” Of course, this is your chance to make a positive first impression. Prepare for this Android Interview question beforehand; but do not make it sound rehearsed. Also, be yourself; do not bother with unnecessary exaggerations in your response.

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