Top 5 MBA Interview Questions With Answers That Can Help You Prepare A Little

1: Tell Us Something About Yourself
Alternative To This question: Walk Me Through Your Resume or Tell Us About Your Past Experiences And Achievements
How To Go About The Question: This is generally the very first question a person will ask you when you sit for an interview for MBA. If you answer the question in chronological order, it will be just as fine, probably the way too. You can focus on 4 things here, your family, your education, your past experiences and your goals in life.
General Answer: Good Morning Sir/ Committee, I am Ajay Singh and I put up from Delhi. I have earned my graduate degree in BBA in International Business in 2018. My father is an MBA degree holder himself and works in an advertising firm. My mother is a housewife. I undertook an internship during my undergraduate in a marketing firm which lasted for a period of 3 months and after completing my BBA, I started working in a Startup based out of Mumbai.
From my school days, marketing is something which always appealed to me. After acquiring the skillset and knowledge from the MBA, I want to work towards managing the tasks and the company more efficiently.
Tip For Preparing The Answer: The interviewer(s) will have your resume, either you will hand out a fresh copy or it will be there in the folder that they would have. They know what you have done, but through the question wants to understand why? The most important part of this question is not what you have done, but why have you done it. Also, frame the answers in such a way that you highlight the accomplishments and strengths.
2: Why Do You Want To Pursue MBA?
Alternative To This question: Why Did You Choose MBA As Your Post Graduate? Or Why Do You Want To Pursue A Degree In Business?
How To Go About The Question: This is a staple question during the interview process of MBA selection and has been asked for years, and as it is going, will be asked for many years yet to come. There is no one best way that you can answer to this question, but it is and will always be advised not to say that you are here just for the monetary benefit from pursuing an MBA degree.
You can talk about how the MBA degree can help you use the skills in managing the human resource, money, the ability of selling. The qualification will help you in managing the responsibilities better and applying the technical quotient that you would acquire through this course.
Additionally, any business cannot be run by the use of technology alone, or in all honesty the product cannot sell by itself, the ability to manage, deliver, and sell the product is something that requires a human touch and that is qhat your learn through MBA.
General Answer: Sir/ Committee Members, I decided to pursue MBA when I was in 10th standard and was discovered by Economics. While pursuing my BBA, I decided that I will work for at least 2 years before applying for MBA solely for getting work experience and finding what field I want to specialise in.
Additionally, the reason why I was inclined towards an MBA or business, in general, is because I want to give something back to the community. As I want to pursue my MBA in Marketing, I want to apply new and creative ideas which will increase the market share of the companies which will lead to lowering of the cost of the product through the economies of scale.
Tip For Preparing The Answer: Make sure you highlight the turning point that led you to pursue a career in Business. Talk about which field you want to specialise in and why? That is the most important point that you must have.
3: Why Did You Choose Our Business School?
Alternative To This question: Why Do You Wish To Pursue Your MBA From This College/ University/ Institute?
How To Go About The Question: This question does not only wants to know if you have researched about this Business School or not but about other Business Schools as well. This is the question where you can be 100% honest with the committee as in how the B School perfectly aligns with your aspiration.
General Answer: Sir/ Committee members, this B School is amongst the best ones in the country and after researching the curriculum details of various MBA Schools I found that this B School is offering the subjects that perfectly align with my needs.
With such alumni of this college like, name a few, I would be honoured to earn my MBA degree from this reputed B School.
Tip For Preparing The Answer: You should research not only about the ranking of the institute you are looking to enrol in but also the subjects and the entire curriculum of the course and how it can benefit you. Additionally, you can talk about the notable alumni of the B School, the placement, the location of the institute, the faculty members.
You should not only talk about the notable alumni but also the alumni who are not that famous but still do provide something to the world.
4: Why Should We Accept You?
Alternative To This question: Why Should We Enrol you? or Why Makes You An Ideal Candidate?
How To Go About The Question: The answer to the MBA interview question is not straightforward. The reason to ask you this question is to what you think of yourself. Do not simply answer that you are qualified, smart and have a relative graduation degree. They know it already, that’s why you are there in the room with them. You can highlight the skillset and experience you have acquired over the years.
General Answer: Sir/ Committee members, from my resume, and the discussion we have had, you know what I have done, but through the learnings from this prestigious institute, I want to acquire additional skills and increase my knowledge which will help me in your future job role of Marketing/ Sales/ Finance/ HR.
During the course of my employment, I helped my company to increase the traffic on their website and newsletter subscription through both paid and organic media. After widening my horizon, I would like to apply the acquired knowledge in doing the same but more efficiently.
Tip For Preparing The Answer: While preparing for this MBA interview question, you should constantly ask yourself why you want to pursue an MBA and how and why this particular college can help in reaching your professional goals.
5: Tell Us About Your Strengths and Weaknesses?
Alternative To The Question: Tell Us About Your Shortcomings And How You Can Overcome Them?
How To Go About This Question: Knowing your strengths is very easy, we always aim at developing them but seem to forget to think about where we lack and leave them like that. To prepare for this question, you should pick 2 or 3 of your core strengths and at least 1 weakness that you have converted into a strength or are currently working on.
General Answer: I am not only a hard worker but also a smart worker, I tend to spend my spare time learning new things or new ways of doing the things we do right now through videos and written articles. I am a quick learner and a people person. I have worked with people from different states and have overcome the barrier of culture and religion in my past organisation as well as at the time of pursuing my BBA.
Coming to my weaknesses, I was short tempered, and have worked on it over the years. Another weakness that I would like to work on is that I do not ask for help when I know I really should. I rather look for the solution over the internet and invest hours in it when I know I could simply ask it from my superior or in fact from my teammate, and I do not do it because I think highly of me, but because I do not want to come out as someone who is incompetent.
Tip For Preparing The Answer: SWOT should not be done for the competitors, but should be done your oneself as well. It is better to know the weaknesses that you have than being ignorant and let people take advantage of it. Accept your weaknesses because no person is good at everything, instead work on things and the same should reflect in your answer. Do not be ashamed of your weaknesses, but work on eradicating them.

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