Top 10 Travel Blogs of India

As your experts in tailor-made travel to India, the Enchanting Travels team provides you with the top 10 travel blogs of India. Searching far and wide across the web, we reviewed dozens of blogs, considering the writing quality, originality of content and how the travel bloggers really captured the essence of India.
We’ve been following some of these inspiring bloggers for years, and can vouch that they live and breathe travel in India. They are so good, that some of them have deservedly won top awards in the travel media industry!
Top 10 Travel Blogs of India
Mridula Dwivedi has been writing on her blog Travel Tales from India for almost 12 years now.
It began with just articles about travel in India, but as she has expanded her horizon since she gave up her academic career and decided to focus solely on writing, her blog now covers articles from her personal travels outwith India. Which is just as well, as we need her wisdom. Whether it is about how to handle the monsoons of Kerala or where to stay in the deserts of Rajasthan, this blog has you covered. Dwivedi has got something of an international reputation, having been featured by the BBC, and The Guardian.
Prasad Np has been dedicated to writing about India from the perspective of both his family – in comfort and style – and as a sole voyager in a more backpacking, fly-by-the-seat-of-his-pants approach. Brimming with India travel tips and dos and don’ts, you can search the blog by specific destination (or state), which is highly useful if you are wishing to go in-depth during your India travels. You might wish to avoid altitude sickness at Ladakh in the Himalayas, or learn about how a specific festival in a specific Indian city ticks. This is the blog for you.
What we love about Desitraveler is the fabulous photography – taken by the blogger’s own fair hands – that perfectly captures the spirit of India. Prasad NP has got it right: the journey is the destination!
This well-designed and nicely-compiled blog by travelling guru Dheeraj Sharma is dedicated to the beauty of the high and mighty Himalayas of India. Given how gently he writes about the grace of snow-capped peaks and valleys, you might be surprised to find that Sharma’s dayjob is in software! A travel calendar ensures you will never miss another event in Ladakh or Spiti Valley, while there are top tips devoted to your preferred get-around style – be it by air, bike, foot, or 4×4. has arguably the most comprehensive list of accommodation in the region. Dedicated to noble causes, the blog also boasts the Adventure Club, which invites members of the Devilonwheels community to join on local tours that give back to the rural Himalayan communities.
Desi girl Indrani Ghose has been blogging for almost ten years. In that time she’s been capturing the heart of India with an array of photography, particularly stunning portraits and faces of India. Proudly patriotic, no stone is left untouched, whether it is a review of the latest Indian automobile, ghostly tales in haunted Indian palaces, or delicious destination dining. Ghose has since expanded the blog to global travels – having travelled to over 19 countries and 225 cities. You might be surprised to learn that Ghose was also a trained engineer in the Indian Air Force before venturing into the freelance writing world. is also THE blog where you will see British Prime Minister Theresa May dressed in a full-blown sari during her recent India visit.
Already an established journalist, Lakshmi Sharath switched her media desk job for a continued get-up-and-go life. Sharath beautifully journals her backpacking travel tales as she ventures to the nooks and crannies of India, where she magically weaves the magic of heritage, culture and mythology into something tangible for armchair travelers. She will keep you on the edge of that seat as she pens down her experiences of a deserted beach, or a town once swallowed by a cyclone, in her blog
You won’t be surprised that this real and fresh approach has received her notoriety as a key India travel influencer, and is repeatedly quoted and featured in global and national publications, from National Geographic Traveller to the Deccan Herald.
Mumbai-based My Yatra Diary blogger Arti romantically whips up your passion for travel in India! How does she do it? With a sprinkling of poetry from her favourite writers and intellectuals (often Indian, such as Munshi Premchand or Rabindranath Tagore), she relates it to her own experience on the road. Yatra in Hindi, means pilgrimage, and Arti’s blogging diary, which focuses on spiritual destinations in India, is a personal testament to her continuous love of learning and truth-seeking.
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