Take the leap of faith with Bungee Jumping

Add barely of journey to your Rishikesh trip with bungee cord Jumping. the game offers associate degree Adrenalin rush that’s second to none. because of the best bungee cord jump in India, Rishikesh adds a special layer of pleasure to the whole activity. Feel the fun and scream your lungs out as you jump from the mountain into nothingness. Further, enjoyment of associate degree supernatural expertise as you convalesce. Dare to witness watercourse Ganga from shut quarters whereas being suspended top side down?Ideal Duration: 4-5 seconds Best time for bungee cord Jumping in Rishikesh: Any time of the year is ideal for bungee cord jumping in Rishikesh aside from the monsoon season. The activity can be placed on hold because of significant downfall.

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