Skip The Drive-Thru: Your Trainer’s Guide To Snacking On-The-Go

The Gas Station Snack Diet
When I was in college, I was low on time, money and energy. I lovingly came up with what I call “The Gas Station Snack Diet,” and discovered that it actually helped a lot of my clients who found themselves in the same pinch I was in. Fast forward 10 years and convenience stores are now making it even easier to make good choices on the go. Some stores have taken their healthy offerings one step further by providing nutrition information on their quick offerings. Things to Remember
Gas stations bites are just that: bites. If you plan to make a meal out of your quick stop finds… you may find yourself making unhealthy choices later on in the day.
Look for foods that are high in fiber, protein and healthy fats.
Check the label! The fewer ingredients, the better.
Limit highly processed foods since they are low in nutrients and high in sugar and, oftentimes, extra calories.
My Go-To Snacks
From protein-packed goodies to fresh and tasty noshes, these are my favorites to grab at the gas station. Just remember to stay away from the chips aisle. After all, the temptation is the root of all mindless snacking choices. Hardboiled eggs
String cheese
Jerky or turkey sticks
Protein Bars
Veggies and hummus
Greek yogurt
Salted popcorn
Fresh fruit
Dark chocolate
Bean or veggie chips
Oatmeal cups (be wary of sugar with this option!)

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