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Prefabrication as a concept has gained immense popularity in the real estate industry. For this reason, technologically advanced and innovative construction methods and designs have come to the forefront. Needless to say, this kind of construction work is actually quite helpful for construction works such as high rise, low rise, township and so on.The prefabrication technique can also be utilized effectively to increase the pace of building homes. The consumption of materials will also be approximately 20% less. According to a certain report by the global Prefabricated buildings, the market is supposed to reach around 135945.6 million USD by the year 2023.Description of the modelPrefabrication technique can be described as a process where the buildings are built by the combination of components that have been castoff-site in a factory or manufacturing site already. These materials or components are transported to the construction site for assembly. After that, the parts get slotted together, easily.However, it is certain that the application of prefabrication certainly requires a lot of planning. The process is popularizing itself day by day because it is simpler to build the components elsewhere and then installed separately to any portion of the building. In fact, there are some cases where the entire structure is prefabricated and only the foundation is constructed separately, all the other parts are carried to the site for installation.The efficiency of prefabricated housesNot only does it save time, but this process is also quite sustainable in nature. Prefabrication is also an environmentally friendly procedure because the parts are constructed in an enclosed space and therefore no site waste is produced. It is also much cheaper and easy on the budget to construct the parts elsewhere and then get them transported to the site for installation that constructing it on the site directly. Besides being extremely cost-effective, this process helps to create modular houses which are extremely safe.The planning is much better in case of prefabrication because most of the work is done in a computerized way. The durability of prefabricated homes is also quite reliable. This will also help in decreasing the energy consumption for houses. With the availability of professionally skilled laborer’s and sufficiently serviced plot, the assembling as well as the installation is carried out smoothly.The future of prefabrication in the current marketPrefabrication shows some promising factors for the development of the country’s economy. With the gradual development of technology, various aspects of this method will help to raise the quality of the structures.Most reputed companies have adopted this particular method for advancing in the construction industry. The requirement for prefabricated structures is increasing in the country for obvious reasons. Within a few years, prefabrication is sure to play a significant role in the real estate market of India.

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