The inner wheel shows the New Moon in Leo, where we start our journey today, the outer is for September 29th, next New Moon, in Libra. We have a Virgo stellium, watch the planets in that group, all will square Jupiter and oppose Neptune. This is the main issue of this month.
Dates to watch:
14.09.2019 10:14:21 > Lib Mercury
14.09.2019 16:43:00 > Lib Venus
15.09.2019 13:26:22 >0 S Mercury
17.09.2019 1:06:21 >0 S Venus
18.09.2019 11:45:46 D Saturn 13°54’35″Cap
23.09.2019 10:49:49 >0 S Sun
23.09.2019 10:50:07 > Lib Sun
28.09.2019 0:01:45 max S Saturn
Aspects of the month: Former articles: New Moon in Virgo:2018; 2017; 2016; 2015; 2014, 2013, 2012; 2011& 2010,
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