Mercury Planet In Astrology

Mercury is world of solar system and also the smallest. According to Vedas Texts, Mercury is considered as Prince of the Solar System. Mercury is nearest to world Sun also it’s a benefactor of Speech and business. The planet Mercury is the Lord of signal Gemini and Virgo. The planet Mercury is currently EXALTED in signal Pisces in DEBILITATED and sign Virgo. Mercury is auspicious if it is in business with benefic planets. In the same way, it supplies inauspicious consequences when it is located with malefic planets. Mercury alone is always dreadful. Debilitated Mercury together with Sun is deemed inauspicious.Mercury Planet In AstrologyMercury is put in its own signWhenever entire world Mercury is put in its own sign or at its own EXALTATION sign, at the very first, 4th, seventh or 10th house of this study, it creates a superb Yoga named Bhadra Panch Mahapurush Yoga which makes a person quite smart and long resided. Someone having a poor or malefic planet Mercury suffers from disorders like Nerves, Brain, Nervous Breakdown, Skin Diseases, Speech defects such as Stammering, Insomnia and Sexual Weakness like Impotency.Mercury Planet In AstrologyThose who are weak in research, lack concentration and endure from blood pressure level and glucose difficulty etc., should worship Mercury. Also those running Mercury Dasha or Sub span, a prayer to Mercury, on Wednesdays, leads to manifold benefits like removing obstacles, progeny, possession of fertile lands, etc.. His tongue and pencil will work against individuals whom he does not like. He will be talkative, bizarre, unprincipled, inconsistent and boastful. He will work based on his whims. Native might possess stammering speech, lack of memory and fluency, with too many jobs, propensity for lying, spreading scandals. PHYSICAL APPEARANCE – Mercury supplies the native that a green tint and also native is presently full of veins.

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