Lost Your Property Documents: Follow These Steps To Get The Duplicate

Whether buying or selling, property documents play a very important role in any kind of real estate transactions. So, for a property owner, it’s very important to keep these documents at a safe and secure place. These documents determine your ownership on the property and in case of any legal dispute they act as a true friend.
However, losing or misplacing these documents can lead to a troublesome situation. But, then you don’t have to panic at any point in time. Just follow these simple steps, and get the duplicate copy of the documents:
Step -1: Notify in Newspapers
In case you lost the documents, the first and foremost thing you should do is to notify it in any daily newspaper. Mention all the details of the documents, where have you lost, any other important information and then wait for 15 days for any return. In case, you didn’t get them back then go for the next step.
Step-2: File Report in Police
After waiting for 15 days, it’s now time to lodge FIR at the nearest police station about your lost property documents. Here also, mention every detail of the property documents, what all it contains, either lost or stolen or something else. Keep the FIR copy with you. This will help you in getting the duplicate copy of the document.
Step-3: Ask for Duplicate Share Certificate
After filing a police complaint, now ask for duplicate share certificate from the Resident Welfare Association (RWA), if your property is a part of a Housing society. You have to give an application for the same along with FIR Copy and newspaper notification. After submission, the RWA will call you for a meeting and check all the proofs. Once approved, they will provide the duplicate certificate but you have to pay a fee for this.
Step-4: Submission to Registrar’s office
After receiving the duplicate share certificate, now you have to submit an undertaking on the stamp paper to the registrar’s office giving details about the lost or misplaced property documents along with the FIR copy and the newspaper notice. The same should be registered, attested, notarised, and submitted to the registrar’s office.
Step-5: Apply for Duplicate Sale Deed
Once the above procedure is completed, you can now apply for a duplicate sale deed of your registered property from the registrar office. Pay the necessary fees at the registrar’s office and get back your duplicate property documents. Keep them at a safe place to avoid any hassle.
Although the process is very tedious, but then these documents are something you cannot even think to loose. So, it’s better to keep your documents safe.

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