Laravel interview questions for Fresher

1) What is Laravel?
2) Explain Events in laravel?
3) Explain validations in laravel?
4) How to install laravel via composer?
5) List some features of laravel 6?
6) What is PHP artisan? List out some artisan commands?
7) List some default packages provided by Laravel Framework?
8) What are the named routes in Laravel?
9) What is database migration? How to create migration via artisan?
10) What are service providers in Laravel?
11) Explain Laravel’s service container?
12) What is the composer ?
13) What is dependency injection in Laravel?
14) What is the Laravel Contract?
15) Explain Facades in Laravel?
16) What is Laravel eloquent?
17) How to enable query log in Laravel?
18) What is reverse routing in Laravel?
19) How to turn off CRSF protection for a specific route in Laravel?
20) What are the traits in Laravel?
21) Does Laravel support caching?
22) Explain Laravel’s Middleware?
23) What is a Lumen?
24) Explain Bundles in Laravel?
25) How to use a custom table in Laravel Modal?

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