How to Solve Issues With IMEI Dial Code.

Understanding the meaning of IMEI Dial Code is essential for most cellular devices. The International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) is a unique number for every mobile device. It gives an identification number to each phone, and it may also “unlock” the phone’s network. The IMEI code has a special format that consists of ten digits in four sets of two groups of three digits each preceded by a letter and followed by a digit. A star is also present at the end of the code. The digits and letters are separated by periods or by hyphens; for example, the IMEI for a Verizon cell phone might be 110670000010157. (This number is also called Global Equipment Identifier.) IMEIs are registered by network operators (usually mobile network operators and fixed-line telephone providers) to identify individual devices and enable communication between different networks. Every mobile phone device has an IMEI code, which is stored in its flash memory (ROM). The IMEI dial code contains the serial number of the device. Its main purpose is to identify devices on the network and prevent fraud. An IMEI number can be used to block a specific device from a network or to identify it. Before any cell phone can use a cellular network, it must have an authorized account and an assigned IMEI number. IMEI dial code is a free US phone number that allows you to call internationally for free with the help of Google voice. This service lets you call toll-free from the US to phone numbers in over 50 countries*. Once you have the dial code, all you will need are your contact’s country, area code and number. Google Voice can handle up to three rounds of calls before charges are applied (a “round” is one inbound or outbound call). It’s a good idea to “bundle” your free calls by making three or four shorter calls rather than one long call. Google Voice is the only app that uses the IMEI  Dial Code, so you’ll need to make sure you use a browser and not an app to use it. You can’t use Google Voice from iTunes or the App Store. You can also find other calling applications on the web. Google Voice is available for users for free, except for international calling by dialing code which is a paid service. While some users have reported losing service or being unable to continue using Google Voice after an upgrade, Google has stated that users will not lose service if they close and reopen the app. When updating, ask your friends on a separate communication platform to wait to install updates until they can confirm it is safe to do so. Google Voice also offers call forwarding and voicemail transcriptions. It currently supports calling from the U.S., but other countries such as Australia, the UK will be added soon. The dial code is activated on the Google Voice app, and will direct you to Google’s website. There, you will then be able to set up a phone number to use internationally, a Google Voice number that rings your primary phone in the U.S., and an alternate email address for your Google Voice account. The fact that you ever have to speak with a customer service representative about this is one of the most ludicrous aspects of it, as anyone who has ever had their iPhone or Android hacked will tell you.

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