How NH24 is the biggest reason for being late to your destination?

Smooth roads make your destination easier to reach. Isn't it?

But, what if, one day, these roads themselves will be the biggest reason for being late to your destination?

Problems arise, right?

NH24, the big highway in India, runs in a north-south direction. This highway runs in Uttar Pradesh entirely. NH24 highway is responsible for connecting many areas and places.

But what catches the attention the most about NH24 is heavy traffic, rushing from autos, continuing heavy vehicles running, etc.

Mainly NH24 connects Lal Kuan Ghaziabad to Delhi, Noida 62 gol chakra. These are the highest corporate areas. And people usually take the NH24 highway to reach their offices and work zones.

But, do people reach their destinations with the help of NH24?

Disadvantages of NH24
  • Heavy traffic
  • Getting late for work
  • The rushing of auto rickshaws
  • Heavy vehicles running
  • Chances of accidents
People, are these things not enough to concern regarding NH24?

We are all working for the sake of our families and a good life, but what if, instead of a good life, we are not even capable of surviving?

This is the most frequent problem for Delhi NCR people if you are a working person and using NH24 to reach your destination.

Our concern is there should be no heavy traffic, no heavy vehicles, and no auto rickshaws rushing on the NH24. If this is solved, this will be the most considerable help for the working people. Results- People reach their offices and work zone on time.

But still, we are on the same question: what to do? How will NH24 be helpful for the office people? Is there any idea that we could get rid of this?

The public knows everything, but the thing is, everyone remains silent. Because it is not their problem at all, your one suggestion might change many people's lives.

So, please suggest ideas and be a part of a fantastic initiative.

Your suggestions are highly appreciated.

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