Here’s how you can style your scarves in a fun way Kareena Kapoor

Scarves and dupattas are in all likelihood the best way to amp up any look. From wearing them as a bandana to a neck wrap to even turning them into a jacket, there are more than one ways you can fashion your scarf, making them seem to be new every single time. Here are some cool methods you can style your scarves and dupattas:
Wear it like a neck wrap
One of the best ways to jazz up any outfit, be it normal or western, is to put on a scarf. Take a square scarf and fold it diagonally. Holding it under your neck, take each the ends lower back and wrap them around your neck. Tuck the free ends beneath the scarf and you’re ready!
Wrap it like a headband
Another handy way to style a scarf is to tie it like a headband. Fold the scarf a couple of instances sideways to make it into a slender strip. From below your hair, carry the scarf up and tie the two ends collectively in a bow.
Make a jacket out of it
If you have a vibrant mirrorwork dupatta, you can turn it into a enjoyable jacket for all your garba nights! Fold the dupatta lengthwise. Then, bring the two ends together and knot them together, to create loops for the arms. Put your fingers thru them and you’re prepared to go!

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