Healthcare business entry and expansion.

I & D hospital solutions, an effective solution seeker to all the healthcare and related hospitalization activities, brings in with best services that cater to the needs of cashless facilities through accreditation and bridge the gap between specified hospitals and insurance agencies considerably. Our motive to organize and make our services available worldwide by creating a systematic environment can be achieved through proper hospitalization coverage expenses offered. Getting access to patients directly through other stakeholders in the same field helps us cater to their needs by providing the authorities with appropriate schemes by tying up with insurance companies. The hospitalization coverage expenses offered by us include both the post and pre-hospitalization expenses with a specific period limit considerably. Major areas covered under hospitalization cover Hospital coverage beds are considered durable medical equipment where we even cover hospital beds that patients need at home if it is medically required. To get such a provision, you need to get approval from your preferred doctor that a hospital bed is required by examining your condition well. A fixed percentage of the cost will be paid for the hospital beds depending on the number of days per medical prescription. Complete hospital solutions offered by us in terms of hospital and medical empanelment even include the criteria of bed to patient ratio, which helps determine the number of beds needed by patients who are suffering considerably from specific ailments. As India ranks 155th out of the 167 in case of availability of hospital beds, its severe condition can be well judged by seeing the class itself. Bed: patient ratio Today, many people suffer due to the lack of hospital beds and the coverage offered. The hospital beds to patient ratio in Delhi stands out to be 3:1000 as per the research conducted by World Health Organization. We aim to increase this ratio by providing affordable policy cover to the hospitals concerned through which patients can benefit.Overall statistics of hospital beds and hospitals include: Whereas several rural hospitals in India are 15398 while, on the other hand, the population to avail the medical facility of the hospital beds is 196182; thus the accurate figures are enough to understand the lack of facilities available to people of India where lies a wide gap in two figures, presented through the ratio of 39:500.While the number of urban hospitals present in India includes 4419, and the number of hospital beds is 432526, representing a ratio of 1:100.To cater to the needs of suffering people, India would still require 5,00,000 ICU beds, so we try to overcome this problem by helping the patients to get beds at the needed time.Wrapping up-I & D hospital solutions providing hospital coverage by giving benefits under one roof and shed concerning medical empanelment and hospital beds enables the hospitals to provide the best services to their patients.Related Blogs: hospital management systemhealthcare solution

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