Free Blog Sites – Make a Good Beginning for your Writing

What do you think of the best free blogging platform available right now? Well, things completely depend on the need and how much effort you are required to place in. If someone is interested in devoting a significant amount of the time is to learn the difficult software, difficult functionality. Meanwhile, if you simply wish to share the writing with the whole world, don’t actually trouble to begin a blog without additional fuss. Here we talk about what are the pros and cons associated with it and how they will help you to decide on the initial try. (Free Blog Sites )
It is counted in the list of the free blogging platform created for the starters. If you’re a starter who wishes to make a beginning with ease, it is one of the best recommendations made. The drag-and-drop builder of a website gives special free templates for building your website. It’s quite simple to use and even if you have no experience in website building.
It is the second good blogging website for beginners and quite similar to Wix. You can also call them two close rivals. If you wish to find out the difference between them, you would find that it has fewer features than Wix. With the help of the token, makes it simple to use and get up, it is a good bet for the new bloggers.
WordPress (Self-Hosted)
It is one of the best recommendations amongst the top free blogging sites. At present, it currently powers 34% of websites on the World Wide Web. It is also known as, which is basically an open-source platform to create a blog on—and it’s 100% free to use, as the developers of WordPress focus on democratizing publishing and the liberty that comes with open source.
Medium is different from the other names added in the list of the free blogging sites, as it’s not actually the right website builder.
Moreover, the medium is a free blogging website; it works somewhat more to a community of writers meets the platform of social media. As it is said, available totally free to share the content on the blog and you can make a beginning right away.

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