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When planning a vacation, the first things that come to mind are parties and beaches. In fact, Goa is the most popular vacation spot in India, according to the majority of travelers. Every time you need a break from your rigorous daily schedule, the location’s unmatched charm and beauty entice you in. With its amazing scenery, energetic atmosphere, and beautiful people, Goa welcomes all tourists. Goa is a well-known tourist destination and is stunning year-round, including during the monsoons. In reality, Goa offers more in August than you could ever imagine. Goa Adventure Tour Is Known as the best Travel Agency in Goa to book your Goa trip.

Weather in Goa in August

In Goa, August is the rainy season, but it passes by the month’s end. August is a more favorable month to visit Goa because July has more rainfall. When compared to the previous month, the overall amount of rain received is also lower. In August, Goa experiences 5 hours of sunshine on average every day, with a 29 °C average temperature.
In a typical year, July receives 995 mm of rain whereas August barely receives 513 mm.


Why Visit Goa in August

Since August is not the busiest month, there won’t be as many people at popular locations like Anjuna, Vagator, and Baga. It might be perfect for doing leisurely Goan vacations.
Since the monsoon season is not the busiest travel time, most hotels and resorts provide their clients with affordable, reduced rates. Just picture yourself relaxing by the pool at a five-star resort without breaking the bank.
Goa’s weather is cool, breezy, and pleasant, making it the ideal place to enjoy some beach time. Take some romantic strolls in the gloom with your significant other to avoid the summer heat and humidity.

Goa becomes more scenic and lovely in August. The sea and clouds in the background make for stunning images taken on the beach. In one shot, the water, clouds, and rain have a wonderfully lovely appearance. As Travel Agency in Goa, many packages are customized by us at reasonable rates.
Numerous birds can be heard chirping, and the interiors and forests also appear better.
Take a scooter ride, which is particularly popular in Goa, if you enjoy hearing the pitter-patter of raindrops as they fall on your face. One of the most beautiful things to do in Goa during the monsoon is to explore new locations on a bike. Additionally, there are certain off-season savings available for renting bikes.

August Accommodation Recommendation in Goa

Because there are fewer visitors in August, expect inexpensive nightly prices. If you’re searching for a busy spot to stay in August, Calangute, Baga, Panjim, etc. are some of the best choices. However, you can reserve a room by pre-booking with Travel Agency in Goa at Palolem or Cavelossim if you prefer a much quieter setting. Avoid peak season if you don’t like crowds and want to see Goa thoroughly without any issues; for this reason, August is the ideal month to visit.

August’s Best Things to Enjoy in Goa

Dudhsagar Waterfalls

The Mandovi River is full following the rains in August when the waterfalls are at their most magnificent. The waterfalls, which are at the boundary between Goa and Karnataka, thunder sharply downward. Travelers can get to this location by driving or taking a train to the Kulem railway station, followed by a short hike. The waterfall’s name, Dudhsagar, derives from the white spray and foam that it produces as it cascades downward.

Enjoy Plantation Tour

During and after the rains, the spice farms are the greenest and most picturesque. You may witness many different spices and herbs on the guided tour of these plantations, including cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, pepper, ginger, and cardamom. Don’t forget to have a typical Goan Saraswat dish that was prepared with spices.


Goa’s Latin District, Fontainhas, once housed several Portuguese families. The area is a UNESCO Heritage Zone and is situated in Panjim. Old colorful buildings with elaborate balconies, Portuguese mansions, narrow, winding streets, quiet shops, bakeries, and restaurants, among other sights, may be found here.

Wildlife Sanctuaries

In August, Goa is at its greenest and prettiest, making a trip there worthwhile. You may witness a variety of plant and animal species in Goa’s various forests, national parks, and wildlife sanctuaries. Bhagwan Mahavir Sanctuary, Mollem National Park, Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary, Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary, etc. are a few of the well-known wildlife sanctuaries in Goa. The Bengal tiger, leopards, wild dogs, wild boar, spotted deer, and other creatures can all be seen here.

Monsoon Trekking

In August, the Western Ghats’ hills appear fresher and greener. Fresh leaves are everywhere, and there are numerous birds and other creatures. Explore a hiking trail with Travel Agency in Goa to take in the area’s picturesque beauty.

Popular Festivals Celebrated in Goa in August

Vasco Saptah – Vasco Saptah is a seven-day festival where natives in Vasco worship Lord Damodar. There is a sizable fair setup with temporary stalls selling goods like food, clothing, trinkets, and accessories. For a full week, the entire city of Goa is lavishly decked with flags and streamers and transforms into a huge carnival.

Krishna Janmashtami – As in other regions of the nation, Goa celebrates Gokulashtmi or Krishna Janmashtami by breaking the “dahi handi.” Goan citizens enjoy Dahi handi while forming a human pyramid.

Patolleanchem Feast– The Patolleanchem Feast honors both India’s independence and the culture of Goa. The Socorro Socio-Art and Cultural Association is in charge of organizing the festival. There are numerous handcrafted Patolleos, local performers performing, and food honoring Goa’s rich history and heritage.

Bonderam Festival – Every fourth Saturday in the month of August, Divar Island hosts the Bonderam Festival. To signal the commencement of the event, villagers and a brass band parade from the Divar crossroads. During the festive season, a number of fancy dress contests, float parades, live band performances, etc. are staged.

World Goa Day – World Goa Day is observed on the twentieth of August each year. The festivities center on the local cuisine, language, customs, etc.





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