Eligibility to become Fashion Blogger

About Fashion Blogger
Fashion bloggers are the avid follower and explorer of the fashion world. They scrutinise, recommend and share experiences and ideas related to vogue through multimedia or social media. A fashion blogger regularly writes blogs with eye-catching graphics and appealing content on the trending and popular topics. By becoming a fashion blogger, an individual not only gets to inform people about the prevailing trends in the fashion industry but also gets to pursue his/her passion.
Fashion is a field that is expanding with each passing day. People are willing to explore and indulge in it completely. The key qualities a fashion blogger must possess is a good communication skill, unique fashion sense and creativity. In today’s world, anyone with the right kind of skills and knowledge can become a fashion blogger.
Eligibility to become Fashion Blogger
There are no specific qualifications and eligibility criteria that one has to follow in order to become a fashion blogger. It requires an eye for fashion and a willingness to express your thoughts. Although, mentioned below are the minimum eligibility criteria that an individual can meet in order to expand his/her knowledge and make a successful career as a fashion blogger.
It is a basic requirement for an individual to have qualified class 12th before starting with fashion blogging.
After the completion of intermediate, a candidate must also go for an undergraduate programme in the relevant field that would help them in adding skills and understanding of the field.
Various certifications and diploma courses are also available that can help an aspiring fashion blogger to polish skills of communication, content curation, technical knowledge, comprehension of fashion etc.
You need to have an excellent fashion sense and technical skills to commence your career as a fashion blogger.
Types of Job Roles Fashion Blogger
An aspirant can begin with fashion blogging anytime when he/she ready. Fashion blogging can be done through a variety of job roles. Check out the types of job roles a fashion blogger can get into.
Brand Promoter: The duty of a brand promoter is to promote items/services through their work of art and via any social media platform.
Model: A model is responsible for demonstrating and promoting apparel, footwear etc. in the best way possible.
Editor: An editor checks on the curated content and ensures that it is properly structured and edited.
Stylist: A stylist gets the opportunity to work with fashion designers, fashion houses, individuals, celebrities and clothing brands. They enhance and present the style of the client in the best way possible.
Fashion Blogger: A fashion blogger gets to research, generate, design and present fashion ideas and opinions through emails, advertisements and social media platforms.
Content Curator: Duty of a content curator is to sort through data lying on the internet and collect important information to share via blogs, vlogs, websites, social media.
Fashion Photographer: A fashion photographer conceptualizes and takes pictures that highlight the apparel, footwear or accessories of the model.
Author: An author gets to write fashion related fictional or non-fictional elements in a book, magazines, editorials etc.
Social Media Influencer: A social media influencer creates content across various social media platforms to either entertain or influence the audience.
Employment Opportunities for Fashion Blogger:
A fashion blogger is not only limited to social media. Once a fashion blogger starts getting popular with the content multiple sectors provide employment opportunities to him/her. Check out a few of the firms that lend employment opportunities for fashion bloggers.
Entertainment Industry
Fashion Companies
Clothing Brands
Print Media
Social Media
Publishing Houses
Travel Companies
Top Recruiting Companies for Fashion Blogger:
Fashion bloggers are the influencers that guide and introduce an individual to the upcoming and prevalent fashion trends. With the budding interest in fashion, people across the globe look at fashion bloggers for tips, suggestions, hacks and choices. Check out the top recruiting agencies hiring fashion bloggers and influencers from across the globe.
Shenaro Lifestyle
Wonder Wardrobes
Glamor Street
Brand Global
Harper’s Bazaar
The Snob Shop

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