Crispy Onion Fries are addictive crispy fries made with julienne onions covered with gram flour and deep fried.
These crispy onion fries make an all time addictive snacks to munch on and are very easy to make. All you want is just the onions sliced as juliennes and have the flour sprinkled over it and mixed with spices to make these crispy fries.
These fries have been the oldest ones we have been making for many years now. I until now had this covered clubbed together with other types of pakodas. When I was once going thru the historic posts, wanting to make a listing of dishes I have to click again, I seen this in that submit and decided it certainly demands a put up on its own.
So here you have these crispies, very tasty and you can’t just quit with one serving!
2 cups Onions juliennes
3 tbsp Besan / Gram Flour
Salt to taste
1 tsp Red Chili Powder
Water as needed
Onion Fries
Wash and peel the onions. Slice as juliennes. Wash the onions with water and drain it completely.
Take the onions in a bowl, sprinkle salt and crimson chili powder, combine well.
Now sprinkle the besan over the onions and mix besides including water.
So it is necessary to wash the onions with water and drain, which will help the besan adhere to the onions.
Adjust the spice and sprinkle more besan if needed. The onions have to have a nice, dried coating of the flour.
Heat a Kadai with oil, when hot, sprinkle the onion juliennes in it.
Cook on both facets and drain on a kitchen towel.

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