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Starting a web marketplace is profitable for the business owner, but also for the larger eCommerce community, that’s involved within the process of shopping for and selling. If you create a web marketplace platform you’ll even be empowering sellers who won’t have any online presence till date. Detailed planning, well-researched approach, marketing research , best solutions, ensuring great customer experiences are all ingredients for the concoction that’s an eCommerce marketplace.(online marketplace) Comparing a traditional retailer and an online marketplace Party City may be a traditional retailer, founded in 1986, that sells discount party paraphernalia and has over 6,000 full-time and eight ,000 part-time employees. Etsy, the simplest online marketplace for homemade goods, went public in 2015 and has only 685 employees. albeit Etsy is comparatively young, it saw annual revenue of $441.23 million in 2017 consistent with Statista. Party City, on the opposite hand, had $2370 million in revenue within […]


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