Bodyweight Strength Training You Can Accomplish Anywhere

Our mission is to help you make healthy happen all the time, and sometimes you just can’t make it into the gym. We get it! Busy schedules, kids, work, partners… the list goes on and on and sometimes making it into the gym gets cut first from the to-do list. When that happens, we want to equip you with workouts that can be done anywhere and don’t sacrifice intensity or effectiveness. Enter bodyweight workouts. Bodyweight workouts are workouts done utilizing, you guessed it, bodyweight in lieu of gym equipment. These workouts are the perfect solution for the can’t-make-it-to-the-gym blues as they can be done anywhere! The exercises will mainly target the muscles that surround your knees, hips, and shoulder joints. These unilateral exercises will help you increase your muscular strength by using your body weight alone. Even though this is just bodyweight strength training, you will feel muscles being used that you might not typically feel from a free weight or resistance machine exercise. Trust us, when you do the lateral lunges, you will feel it the next day! So, let’s get going with workout one. There’s no reason to wait!

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