July 4th, 2019: Saturn Conjunct the South Node

Here we have the second of three conjunctions. Saturn (rules, limits, responsibility, authority) over the South Node (the past) is about old Saturn issues coming home to roost. Daddy issues. Obligations. Fears. Traditions. There’s a culmination – a confrontation that cannot be avoided. You may be reaping the results of responsibilities you’ve avoided. Of, if you’ve been diligently doing the work, perhaps you’re wrapping up a long-standing obligation that will soon be over. Maybe you’re reconnecting with your father, or your fears, or your limits. In some cases, you may even be rewarded with increased authority or an official commitment (yes, Saturn can deliver rewards). But it’s not over – this is a long process that began around April 30th (the first conjunction) and will conclude around September 28th (the final conjunction). The first and second conjunctions feature Saturn Rx (reversed) so there’s an even greater emphasis on going back to the past and taking yet another look at that line. The final conjunction will be Saturn direct – progress. It may even feel a touch less heavy. Why is it dragging on for so long? Well, it would appear that something requires your undivided attention and commitment. It’s not a quick thing (Saturn is never quick). If you’re feeling weighed down, take heart – you’re halfway through your thing. If you’ve been avoiding this, it will be much easier on you if you just take a deep breath and deal with it. You do not want to shrug Saturn off. In some way, there’s a weight from the past that you still need to carry.

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