Web Designing Interview Questions and Answers for Fresher

In case you’re searching for Web designing Interview Questions and answers for Experienced or Freshers, you are at the correct place. GangBoard offers Advanced Web designing Interview Questions and answers that assist you in splitting your Web designing interview and procure dream vocation as Web Developer.
Q1) Difference between div and span.
Answer: Div is used to block the particular row and span is used to block particular space for the word, content and image.
Q2) List types of stylesheets in CSS.
There are three types of stylesheets present in CSS. They are,
Inline stylesheet
Internal Stylesheet
External stylesheet
Q3) Difference between imploding and explode functions.
Answer: Implode is used to join array to string. Explode is used to split string to an array.
Q4) what is the use of in_array() in PHP?
Answer: In PHP the in_array() is used to check whether the given value exists in an array or not.
Q5) When to use mysql_pconnect?
Answer: Mysql_pconnect is used to close the database connection once the request has been processed.
Q6) List the types of errors in PHP.
Answer: Mainly there are 4 types are error occur in PHP, they are,
Notice error
phrase error
Warning error
Fatal error
Q7) Difference between array_merge and array_combine.
Answer: Array_merge is used to merge two arrays and array_combine is used to combine keys from one array and values from another array.
Q8) Mention 5 array functions in PHP.
Q9) what is the sort() available in PHP?
Answer: There are many sort() functions available in PHP.They are,
Q10) what is the default port for MySQL?
Answer: The default port is 3306.

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