Utshob Sondesh / Utsav Sandesh | How to make Utsav Sandesh

Utshob or Utsav Sandesh is a festival Sandesh made with various flavors and makes a brilliant blend of taste and shading. This is made as a festival of our Tricolor Flag!
Course: Sweets
Food: Bengali
By Cook Method: Stovetop
Event: Diwali, Festival Meal
By Diet: Protein Rich
Dish Type: Paneer Dishes
Planning Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 15 minutes
Fixings :-
1/2 cup Pista Sandesh
1/2 cup Carrot Sandesh
1/2 cup Saffron Sandesh
Blended Nuts for embellishing
Utsav Sandesh
Directions :-
Make the Chhana and ply it to softball. Ply with a large portion of the sugar required to make a delicate blend.
Warmth a nonstick dish, include the delicate chhana and cook for 2 mins.
At that point include another portion of the sugar and blend well.
Continue to make Pista Sandesh, Carrot Sandesh, and Saffron Sandesh.
When done, squeeze out little balls from each flavor, make a tight ball together.
Set it in a biscuit shape, embellished with nuts.
Chill until serving.
Formula NOTES :-
Try not to overcook the delicate chhana, else you will wind up with brittle Sandesh.
On the off chance that you are going to shape the Sandesh, at that point press the Sandesh into the form when it is as yet hot, let it sit at room temperature or refrigerate for an hour or thereabouts.
Chhana blended in with sugar should be cooked distinctly for around 5 mins max, else you will wind up having brittle paneer close by.
Press the hot Sandesh into the molds for it to get shape rapidly, else you will have heat it up once more. For best outcomes, refrigerate for 10 to 20 mins before expelling from molds.

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