Top Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers for Fresher

Digital marketing has brought about a revolution in the field of product and services marketing. Growing consumer dominance has led the companies to explore more options to reach out to them efficiently and offer better services, and this, in turn, has created new employment opportunities. This form of marketing has broader scopes and it is more functional, where different marketing approaches are being adopted for different consumers.
To cater to a wide range of consumer base, organizations seek seasoned and skilled professionals with a thorough knowledge of the subject. Good command over the technicalities of digital marketing and strong industry knowledge can help you fetch a job in the digital marketing field. This article will help you to prepare well for your upcoming interview with some most commonly asked digital marketing interview questions and their answers.
Q1. Why is digital marketing preferred over traditional marketing
This is the era of digital marketing and the prospects are extraordinary. Some of the reasons contributing to the success of digital marketing over traditional marketing are –
Higher internet penetration
Easy analysis, better tracking of leads and performance & usually better performance-focused ROI
Better interaction with customers
Faster / Real-time optimization
Global reach
Easy access to product/service information for consumers
Q2. What are the different types of digital marketing
Different aspects of digital marketing are:
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Content Marketing
Email Marketing
Social Media Marketing
E-commerce Marketing
Q3. What are the best ways to increase website traffic?
Some of the most popular and effective ways to increase website traffic include :
Paid search, social media advertising, and display advertising
Content marketing
Writing crisp and interesting headlines
SEO activities including content optimization
Targeting long-tail keywords
Guest blogging
Seeking referral traffic
Posting content on LinkedIn
Implementing schema microdata
Linking Internally
Email marketing
Q4. Explain inbound marketing and outbound marketing.
Inbound marketing – This includes attracting customers and turning them into leads through different marketing channels like SEO, content marketing, viral videos, webinars, social media campaigns, etc.
Outbound marketing – It involves reaching out to the targeted audience via more traditional forms of marketing, such as TVCs, radio ads, print advertisements, trade fairs, sales calls and emails
Q5. Can you tell the difference between branding and direct marketing?
Branding is a digital marketing strategy, where a company creates a name, logo or design that can be easily identifiable as a brand name. It is a long-term process, achieved consistently and deliberately, and is believed to be one of the most effective ones.
Direct marketing is a digital marketing technique to reach out to potential customers through different mediums, such as emails, mails, pamphlets, catalogs, flyers, and others.
The basic difference between both is the time taken and mode to reach the consumers. Branding is done to build awareness, whereas direct marketing help companies reach out to their customers directly.

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