The Perfect Marijuana Experience Using Bong and Weed Grinder

Bongs are a very popular means of the smoking pot since ages and are very popular in countries like Thailand, Africa, Laos and many other countries across the globe. If you have used a bong, then you must be fairly acquainted by the basics that is pouring some water, packing up the bowl and the lighting it up. Well, there’s more to it than what just meets the eye. But first, you need to prepare the perfect weed mixture by grinding it to just the ideal blend.

Here are a few steps that you can follow to use a weed mixture to attain the best-grinned weed for your bong:

Step 1: Remove the lid, break up bigger buds and then place them between the teeth of your grinder. Avoid putting the buds in the center.

Step 2: Put the lid back on again and rotate the device up to 10 times or until all the buds have fallen through the holds. Tap it against the sides to loosen up sticky pieces, if any.

Step 3: Unscrew the teeth chamber, and there you will find the basket layer holding all the freshly ground weed.

Step 4: Once the chief is collected in the bottom chamber, use the scalping tool provided with the grinder kit or just a normal piece of paper to scrape some of the kief out. You can either sprinkle the chief onto a bowl to increase its potency, or you can save it for using somewhere else.

After you have your ground weed stash ready, follow these steps to use a water bong:

So, here’s how you use a water bong:

  1. Pour some water in the bong. Make sure the water is enough to completely drown the down stem or the step of your bong; some bongs that have sliders do not have a down stem.
  2. Pack the bowl with half a gram of the freshly ground weeds that you just made using a weed grinder.
  3. Place your lips on the mouthpiece that is on the top of the bong, light the bowl that is holding your weed and then inhale slowly taking deep breaths.
  4. Once you can see a milky-white smoke-filled inside the chamber, pull the slider or just release the carb and then inhale the remaining smoke coming out of the chamber. Exhale again and return the slider back.

This is how you combine both a weed grinder and a water bong to achieve an amazing smoking experience that you’ll surely want to try again. Share this trick with your friends and enjoy!

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