The Need For Police Verification of Tenants Before Renting your Property

Many instances narrate the story of property owners being mugged, looted, or even murdered by their tenants. This could be completely avoided if landlords get a cop verification done for their tenants before renting their property. By committing this blunder, a property owner cannot just be putting himself in danger but also be imposed with a heavy fine under section 188 of the IPC. Even if your tenant is not under suspicion and things are going fine, you’re prone to be booked under disobedience of law.
In the consistently developing real estate of India, renting out property is a means of income for many. Many property owners across India provide their property for a rental purpose because it fetches them great returns from their investment. Due to this growing trend, finding tenants isn’t a hassle as it used to be in the previous decades. Getting your tenant screened with the police will ensure the tenant’s background. How to get it done the right way? In this write-up, we’ll be guiding about tenant verification. Let’s proceed.
The Importance of Police Verification
In the current scenario, cop screening of the tenant is a must as stated by the law. Whenever you get a property on rent in India, you either do it yourself or get it done by approaching a realty firm. It requires acquiring a rental agreement form that states the required laws that need to be followed by the tenant throughout his/her tenancy. Apart from a simple check of a tenant’s background, screening includes retaining a copy of dossiers with police like a tenant’s identity proof, address proof, and service proof. For students, submitting the educational institute’s identity proof is also a must apart from the individual identity proof. By screening the tenant, the minutest chance for sheltering a fraudulent/criminal entity is eliminated.
How Tenant Screening Helps
Debars Unlawful Practices: Students and working professionals constitute a sizable percentage as tenants that reside in a property on rent in India. Since there are zero restrictions, the tenants might tend to indulge in unlawful practices from rented spaces that create a nuisance for others. By getting them screened and signing the rent agreement form, no condition can be violated set by the property owner. In case of violation, the rental contract can be terminated instantaneously.Detection of Criminal Record: Aforementioned, police screening of the tenant eliminates all chances for sheltering a criminal or even a terrorist. This is because many innocent landlords, along with the real estate agent, have been fooled by tenants carrying a criminal record against them. By getting them screened, you can eliminate this issue and assure renting the property to a tenant with no criminal record.Assures Property Maintenance by Tenants: When the local police hold all dossiers containing the details of the tenant, you can remain assured of things going good for you. It helps in the maintenance of the property as well i.e. tenants can cause zero tamperings to your belonging if you proffer a fully-furnished property for rent in India.Foreigner Identification: Numerous foreigners reside in India by leasing a property for a rental purpose. However, they tend to extend their stay owing to different reasons, most probably visa issues. In case a foreigner flees without paying the rent, he/she can be traced based on the dossiers provided by him/her.How Tenant Screening Is Done?To get the tenant screened doesn’t require rocket science. You can get it done by approaching the local police station to authenticate the credentials of the occupant. Ask for a tenant verification form, fill the credentials, and submit along with the details of the occupant to the police. A receipt will be provided from the police as a token of consideration to the property owner. Not only this, but you can log on to the official account of the police department to apply for the tenant screening.Back in the year 2016, the Police Department of Uttar Pradesh launched an application for the screening of tenants and domestic help. It can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. This app allows you filing a request for screening to the police and the authorities get in touch soon.Final ThoughtsPolice screening of tenants is a progressive step for mitigating criminal offense and prevents sheltering fraudulent entities. This has brought relief to landlords for maintaining the record of the occupant. Further improvisations are being made to make tenant screening more convenient.  

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