The Movoto Team Welcomes Newest Member, Andy Chicas

L.A.-based agent Andy Chicas recently joined the Movoto team as the latest move in his 15-year real estate career. Andy first entered the industry at the age of 18 when he accepted a job as a brokerage assistant at William J. Haverly and Associates in Glendale, California. Here, he received a fast-paced, on-the-job education in real estate. He worked his way up through the ranks, eventually becoming a mortgage loan officer and a real estate agent. Though he stumbled upon real estate early on, Andy has found the career to be a perfect fit. “I like helping people,” he says. “And I’m the kind of person who gets things done.”He’s also a shrewd professional who recognizes a good opportunity and sticks with it. Andy stayed with Haverly and Associates until the owner’s very recent retirement, which left Andy with two choices. He could get his own broker license, or he could put his real estate license with a new broker. Having spent the last fifteen years loyally working with a broker he admired, Andy’s standards were understandably high.“Bill Haverly was so into technology,” he says. “We had a video screening. We had video conferences in 2001 when nobody had this stuff. So we’ve always been ahead of the game.” Andy knew technology was central to growing a career and offering the best possible service to a greater number of clients. So it’s not surprising he found a great match in Movoto.“When Max talked to me about how his company worked, it made complete sense to me right away,” Andy says. “I think tech is so important for real estate because it opens the doors for so many more buyers and so much more inventory.”Of course, it wasn’t just the tech platform that appealed to Andy. As an agent who already serves communities in multiple states, he wanted to find a broker that would enable him to continue doing business beyond the borders of California. When he learned that Movoto was not only tech-forward but also licensed in 50 states, he was sold. Andy has invested well over a decade in the real estate industry, and his ongoing commitment to this industry is clear. He is currently a member of the National Association of Realtors, the Board of Realtors, and the Beverly Hills / Greater Los Angeles Association of Realtors. And now, as the newest member of the Movoto team, he looks forward to serving even more clients in Los Angeles and beyond.

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