With Ketu in Sagittarius this year and closely conjunct Saturn into Oct, it’s referring deep religious lessons to find out. There area unit perpetually blessings with these transits if we have a tendency to dig deeply to uncover their which means. With Mercury currently with Hindu deity in Gemini it’ll offer a sattvic support to melt some the blows of the extreme Saturn/Ketu/Rahu/Mars opposition. Luckily, Jupiter the dispositor for Saturn/Ketu is conveyance its deep religious knowledge to induce U.S.A. through our deep lessons. perhaps all the dire considerations regarding the globe berating are satisfied by the satvik planets of knowledge and data. From my Hindu deity and Ketu category this year, we have a tendency to area unit learning a number of the most important lessons of the nodes. To master Ketu, Ketu periods, or Ketu transiting key points of our chart we’ve to find out the following: 1) Ketu teaches U.S.A. to be less rigid. he’s sort of a non secular priest and zealot with its routines and rules from the past. we’d like to unwind. If we have a tendency to area unit too rigid regarding doing our religious practices thus often and aren’t versatile in our lives, we have a tendency to lose the flexibleness of being within the moment and enjoying the spontaneousness that comes with living life. I bear in mind my religious teacher at a really early moment in my religious life reminding U.S.A. that even through it had been time to meditate and that we were thus wont to doing it at five pm, that we should always leaving behind and revel in our time with him and not get held with our routine.2) Ketu is usually connected to past lives and to our past life skills and that we could get a touch stuck in our ego of being smart what we’ve learned from the past and have some ego pride and attachment there. {this could|this might|this could} may forestall U.S.A. from moving onward in this life-time and into the longer term and this incarnation that is drawn by Hindu deity. whereas we have a tendency to might not be pretty much as good or assured regarding this incarnation, we’d like to approach with a {way} of journey instead of doing things the previous way. we’d like to find out to try to to things otherwise.3) Ketu has got to settle for the chaos of Hindu deity and Hindu deity has got to settle for the discipline of Ketu. a touch chaos creates flexibility. i’m reminded of an attractive story from my Guru World Health Organization aforesaid there area unit the those who like order and therefore the those who hate rules and love chaos. Hindu deity dominated folks have to be compelled to learn discipline so as to advance on the religious path however Ketu dominated folks have to be compelled to be additional versatile and settle for chaos.Anyone World Health Organization visits Asian country and experiences town life there is aware of however versatile the Indian folks area unit regarding acceptive chaos. The German folks area unit typically apprehend for his or her orderly society and coherence in making sleek running things. Send German folks to Asian country and you get a tough incoherence and emotional upset. The chaos and order of Hindu deity and Ketu teach U.S.A. to integrate each aspects into our lives. 4) Ketu has avoid the mistakes of the past. If Ketu is afflicted in your chart—and there’s perpetually some affliction somewhere—we need to learn to not repeat the mistakes of the past. It’s like Bill Murray within the show Groundhog Day (1993). . will we keep creating constant mistakes and suffer or will we learn and hump higher this time?5) Ketu teaches U.S. to be detached from things falling apart. In our recent article regarding Ketu and things breaking, we have a tendency to noted that we’d like to develop associate perspective of doesn’t matter instead of get gripped and intense anger once our wishes area unit unsuccessful and things don’t go as planned. This energy are increasing greatly as we have a tendency to come in the June 14-18th climax of planetary oppositions.

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