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Digital media has forever changed the world of real estate for the better. No longer are buyers and agents limited to the listings within a single agency; information can be shared between agents instantaneously and updated with stunning photos based on real time changes. Simultaneously, more and more real estate agents are becoming content producers, sharing marketing information via blogs and creating tutorials that outline ways for buyers to increase their chances of finding and financing their dream home. The commercial real estate and investment niches get plenty of attention in addition to the traditional residential market, with blogs dedicated specifically to small business owners ready to expand their companies and investors looking for a steady stream of income.Criteria Used to Rate the Top 25 Real Estate Blogs
So what makes a blog stand out among the rest? The following 25 real estate marketing blogs have been selected based on a number of factors including quality content such as well written articles, instructions, advice, and/or entertaining information; free tools, resources and multimedia additions such as videos are also valuable. Simultaneously, the content must be focused on the reader rather than attempting to push a product (while all blogs are likely to promote one product or another, the question is one of balance, product usefulness and relevancy); additionally, all blog topics must consistently relate to one aspect of real estate or another . An attractive layout and easy to navigate design are also critical to any good blog, as readers must be able to quickly find material specifically related to their questions with the help of search bars and neatly organized categories of information.Top 25 Real Estate Blog Picks
With our quality standards clearly outlined, here are the top 25 real estate blogs for both residential and commercial real estate marketing:Zillow Blog – With everything from home improvement and staging tips to a variety of tools and calculators to educate anyone from the first time home buyer to someone seeking a commercial real estate investment, there is simply no shortage of information here.
Huffington Post Real Estate Blog – Great information for anyone seeking an overall feel for the pulse of the real estate market throughout the nation.
The Bigger Pockets Blog – Geared specifically at real estate investing and increasing your overall financial success and portfolio.
Realtor News Blog – Another great source of information on anything related to real estate, including great tips for your home and how to get the most return on your investment.
Landlordology – A site focused on the needs of property managers and landlords that’s filled with resources such as lists of state laws and regulations, on and offline tools and more.
FlippingJunkie – For those who have a passion or interest in flipping houses as a source of financial freedom, this site is loaded with resources.
Mobile Home Investing – Since 2007, this site has been dedicated to helping others make wise choices regarding investments with new and/or used mobile homes.
Cash Flow Diary – Learn how to get started investing in the real estate market with professional tips and tools as well as inspirational stories.
1000WattBlog – Posts here are geared towards the technological side of real estate marketing, with great tips on how to optimize your digital marketing strategies.
Tech Savvy Agent – Any agent who wants to stay on the technological cutting edge to meet the needs of real estate buyers nearly instantaneously will enjoy studying the information on this site.
The Ubertor Blog – Worldwide real estate information and links to additional websites are easily accessible here and serve as an excellent resource for anyone looking to invest in real estate outside of the United States.
RISMedia – From ideas that will help you find peace in the stressful sea of real estate decision making to the latest news regarding all aspects of the real estate market in both residential and commercial arenas, you’ll find plenty to keep you occupied on RIS Media.
ForSaleByOwner Blog – Dedicated homeowners and buyers can still buy and sell homes at an excellent price without an agent, particularly if they follow the advice provided in the interesting blog posts offered through this site.
Geek Estate Blog – As you may have guessed from the name, this blog is focused on the digital side of real estate marketing and can really help get your site tweaked for more traffic.
Lighter Side of Real Estate Blog – We all need some comic relief from time to time; if real estate comedy really strikes your funny bone, this is the perfect site for you.
Eye on Housing – Economics and housing policies are discussed with professionals from the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). Get ready to digest some seriously hard data at this site!
Home Inspection Digest – Contrary to popular belief, a home inspector may not find all the nitty gritty details you’d like them to find before you decide to buy a house. Learn to be your own inspector with these tips to increase your success as a house flipper.
Movoto Blog – From information on newer methods of construction to tips and links on how to prepare and save for your new home, Movoto can help more people achieve the dream of home ownership.
Matrix Blog – Created by a group of real estate appraisers and consultants, this blog is full of hot tips to keep more cash in your pocket as well as some real estate related posts you may find just plain interesting.
Home Loan Artist – Created by a local real estate agent in Murrieta, CA, these tips and tools can be utilized by people all over the country.
Colorado Springs Real Estate Blog – This locally focused blog site is perfect for those looking for a home in the Colorado Springs area but still has plenty to offer in the way of resources for others throughout the nation.
HouseHunt Network Blog – Real Estate professionals who want to sharpen their skills and provide top notch service to all of their clients will enjoy expanding their awareness at this well organized site.
Clara Lending – Find out everything you need to know about how to save for (or eliminate the need of!) a down payment for your home in the state of California and beyond.
Warner Robbins Real Estate Blog – This Georgia based real estate agent serves as the perfect example of how professional most real estate agents strive to become. Study and learn from the best at this site!
Madison Real Estate Guys – Rounding out the top 25 list of real estate blogs is this great site dedicated to sharing the latest news on current real estate programs as well as general information within the entire industry. You’ll find lots of great tools here too!
The Wave of the Future In Real Estate and BeyondThe evidence is in and one thing is clear; digital marketing is here to stay for the real estate industry and beyond. Working within a SEO software optimization platform can help you build your real estate site into one with high rankings and plenty of traffic. Find out how UpCity can help your small business grow online today.Editor’s Note: This blog post originally appeared in June 2013. It has been updated to reflect pricing & offering changes, as well as newly available tools and solutions. Looking for more Real Estate Digital Agency assistance for your business? Find great Real Estate Digital Agency partners in our Top Local Agency Marketplace!

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