IMPACT OF PLUTO/SATURN/KETU IN SAGITTARIUS BY RISING SIGN OR MOON SIGN . We cannot ignore Pluto in Vedic astrology as Dennis Harness has noted that 3 of the outer planets were forecast to be discovered as suggested in ancient times and written and recorded in a Chennai Museum on a palm leaf. Pluto is very connected to Lord Yama who requires transformation.Our premise is that Pluto has been working for the past 12 years on transforming the house connected in your chart to Sagittarius. As Saturn moves toward conjunction with Pluto and Ketu it will trigger the deepest and last transformational energies that are needed to complete difficult and long-standing influences from the past 12 years. Saturn also tends to show the results of its transits in the last 10 degrees of the transit which will start Jan. 25th and are most intense when Saturn is retrograde, April 29-Sept. 18th Ketu will also trigger the energy and force us to let go of old belief structures and to change the way we do things. For many rising signs like Virgo, Rahu on the opposite pole may support gains in other areas.Pluto has been in Sagittarius since 2006 and will completely leave by the end of 2020. The issues have been up for the past 12 years and they are wanting to complete now and Saturn/Ketu will hasten any transformation that has not yet completed. Of course, transits are secondary to the dasha that you are running and many other factors. These are some general guidelines below. SAGITTARIUS RISING OR MOON: These next two years will be a time to reshape and transform those aspects of your personality that you are not happy with and to reshape and transform your deep unconscious patterns that are no longer useful and causing problems. If you have been controlling in relationships you will have to recognize the difficulty of this energy and transform it get in touch with the deep fears that are causing you to exercise control and spoil your relationships. You will have to control primal sexual urges, power trips and self-aggrandizement and learn to be humble. Turn to spirituality and the occult and healing if you are to regenerate old and useless patterns. Any physical transformations around how you look and dress will come up strongly this year as you might think that a change of hair or clothing will help any self-loathing but the transformation for Self-love has to some from within. SCORPIO RISING OR MOON: Continue to complete the long process of re-evaluating finances that began in the late 2007-10 time-framework and reevaluate your needs around possessions; get rid of clutter and clean up past debt. Surrender to the changes in world finance and learn to modernize and streamline the way you handle money, save it and receive it. As this transit completes, get ready for new sources of income and a new attitude about money. Study personal finance with some of the financial wizards like Suze Orman and turn to the spiritual and realize the illusion of the material world and what you thought was your existence can quickly change with a new governmental law or a natural disaster. You are always taken care but find the wisdom in transformation. Saturn/Ketu may trigger unexpected surprises around surprises so save extra money and do not overspend to handle them. LIBRA RISING OR MOON : We are dealing with 3rd house transits of malefics here which does not mean there are not problems but more energy to deal with them. The third house is also connected to primal energies of survival, reproduction and protecting one’s territories so the intensity of this transit may bring up deep sexual, survival and aggressive patterns to transform.Saturn/Pluto/Ketu here will ask you to complete long-term issues with neighbors, old enemies, siblings, and fighting for your territory. You will need to let go of old belief structures around them and bring the repressed psychological tensions up to the surface to transform. You may not be wrong about your positions but it is time to let go of the drama of the past 12-13 years and find new ways to make friends and bury the hatchet. Stretch out your hand first and rid then nagging mind of who is right and let go of the old energy blocking you from love. VIRGO RISING OR MOON: The 4th house is the mind, your security and the relationship with your mother and nurturing and your physical home. Family life may be disrupted by health issues, power struggles. This has been going on for some time but a culmination will happen and you will be asked to let go of old ways of doing things and beliefs about family life and your domestic situation. It is possible that major changes will be needed to your home to force you to evaluate and transform the deeper underlying issues around security, protection and safety. You may desire a change of residence or consider changes in your relationship and family situation. If you have any remaining issues with your mother, they will come up to be healed and use the energy for letting go of any resentment, anger or regrets about the past. The mind will remain unsettled this year and search for peace so take up meditation and yoga and self-development work to make those changes. vitamin K helps in preventing the loss of atomic number 20 from our bones. Get Adequate Sleep : have you ever ever questioned why pathology is related to aging? this can be a touch that sleep is connected with our bone health. recent individuals suffer from sleep deprivation and in a very survey, it had been found that fifty of them at the patients of pathology. Lack of sleep lowers the bone density. As we tend to all grasp, AN adequate quantity of sleep heals several things in our body. Similarly, it’s sensible for our bone health further. Avoid Drinking and Smoking : Excessive drinking and smoking have several adverse effects on our bones. The loss of bone mineral density is additionally thanks to the consumption of tobacco and alcohol. That’s why one shouldn’t assist smoking and drinking habits.

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