Planetary Combination for Buying Own House

Planetary Combination for Buying Own House. All of us have a desire to buy own house and stay in this house, but it is not necessary that everyone will get such happiness. One day a husband-wife comes to my office and said. I have been living in a rented house for years. I’m fed up in the rental house. I have been trying to purchase my dream house for the last four years but didn’t a success for some reason. Can you predict when I will buy own house? Now you tell me by analyzing horoscope whether I will be able to buy own house and live in it. I reply yes it is possible to predict when you will get own house.
There are many planetary combinations available in Vedic astrology which determines the properties of the native. The 4th and 2nd house is the main house in every individual horoscope to judge the immovable and movable property of a native. The fourth house is the house of property, vehicle, mother, home life, conveyances, self and ancestral properties, general happiness, and some more things but primarily it is the house of assets.

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