Permanent treatment for psoriasis: Homeopathy.

Autoimmune chronic skin disease.Definition: A skin disease that causes. Red itchy scaly patches skin cells multiply upto 10x than normal Site : Most commonly on knees , elbows , trunk & scalp. Accompainted e white – silvery flakes A common , long – term ( chronic ) disease has no cure. It tends to grow through cycles, flaring for a few weeks/ months , then subsiding for a while / going into remission. Symptoms:- Psoriasis signs & symp can vary from person to person. Common signs & symp include.1 Red patches & skin covered e thick silvery scale erup  2 small scaling spots ( commonly seen in children) 3 Dry cracked skin that may bleed / itch.  4 Itching , burning / soreness. 5 Thickness , pitted / ridged nails. 6 Swollen & stiff joints  # Psoriasis patches can range from a few spots of dandruff like scaling to major crop that cover large areas  Commonly affected areas- Lower back, elbows, knees , legs, soles of feet, scalp, face & palms # Most types of psoriasis go through cycles, flaring for a few weeks/ months , then subsiding for a time / even going into remission.  # plaque psoriasis : Most common form causes dry raised; red skin patches (resions ) covered e silvery scales.  # Nail psoriasis: it can affects fingernails & toenails causing pitting , abnormal nail growth & discolors –Psoriatic nail might loosen & separate from nail bed (onycholysis) # Guttate psoriasis: Affects young adults & children – usually triggered by a bacterial infection Such as strep throats – Marked by small , drop – shaped, scaling louis on trunk , arms/legs # Inverse psoriasis: Mainly affects skin folds of groin, buttocks & breasts. – causes smooth patches of red skin that’s woven e frick & sweating (inf) flexes of joints, b/w fingers # Pustular psoriasis: Rare form of psoriasis causes clearly defined full-filled lesions that occur in widespread patches ( generalized pustular psoriasis) / in smaller area on palms & hands / soles of feets # Erythrodermic psoriasis : “Fiery redness of skin” triggered by skin burn – Least common types of psoriasis. – can cover entire body e a red , pulling rash that can itch / burn intensely # Psoriatic arthritis: – Causes swollen , painful joints that are typical of arthritis. – Sometimes joint symp are first / only sump/ sign of psoriasis. – At times, only nail changes are seen – symp range from mild – severe – stiffness – progressive joints damage may lead to permanent joint damage  Causes:- 1 Infec – like strep throat/ skin infections 2 Weather esp cold , dry con 3 Injury to skin — such as cut/ scrape , a bug – bite / a severe sunburn 4 stress 5 Smoking & exp. To secondhand smoke. 6 Stress 7 Smoking & exp to secondhand smoke 8 Heavy alcohol consump 9 certain medica — including lithium , high BP medica & anti– malarial drugs  10 Rapid withdrawal & oral / systemic corticosteroids Risk factors # Family # Stress # Smoking  # Compliears 1 Psoriatic arthritis 2 eye con — conjunctivitis , blepharitis, uveitis 3 obesity  4 Type 2 DM  5 High B.P6 Cardiovascular disease 7 Autoimmune disease like coeliac disease, sclerosis & IBX — chronic  disease  8 Mental health con  depress & low self esteem  SCOPE OF HOMEOPATHY IN THE TREATMENT OF PSORIASIS Homeopathy today is a growing system. Its strength lies in its evidence effectiveness as it takes a holistic approach towards the slick individual through promotion of inner balance at mental, emotional, spiritual & physical levels.  The scope of Homeopathy in the treatment of psoriasis lies in eliminating the disease from its root–cause.  – Homeopathic medicine for psoriasis acts on the body by stimulating one’s immunity and by restoring the deviation from the health.  –They help to control psoriasis without any side-effects – Also Homeopathic 7/7 for psoriasis is based on various factors like location of patches & Modalities of patches . It tackles the trigger factors that cause the disease — Therefore Homeopathy will help in reducing the intensity of complaints gently and increase the body’s own healing power . — Homeopathy for psoriasis provides long–term relief, ultimately curing the disease over some time. 1 Sulphur: For intense itching & burning – A violent itching attends & the person goes on scratching the skin until it bleeds. — A burning sensation follow scratching — Affected area looks bright red & irritated. The skin is rough, scaly & gets painful after rubbing as if denuded — Itching is wandering ; change place frequently — The inflamed eruptions are worse form warmth patient gets worse in evening, night, when in bed  — sometimes helpful to people who have repeatedly used medication to suppress psoriasis. Accompanying symptoms :  Pricking, biting & sticking sensation in eruption H/o of excessive use of ointucents in the past 2. Arsenincum Albom: Skin : Dry , rough, red papular eruption with scales on it. # scale — silver coloured –Eruptions cover mosts parts of body, accepts face & hands – Eruptions spread rapidly & are accompanied by itching. – Itching is worsened by cold; While warmth seems to relieve it. – pain on the affected side comes after scratching the eruptions.  — Bleeding spots appear on skin following scratching. — effective in cases of guttate psoriasis. — small rose coloured spots with scales appear. — Restlessness and anxiety may accompany itchy erup.  — Mainly treats psoriasis on palms & fingernails . 3 Graphites Naturalis:  — Effective in cases of scalp psoriasis. — in such cases eruption with scale appear on the scalp  — The scalp may be sore to touch e distressing  — Burning sensation on top of head — eruption on scalp can also spread behind the cases — Also effective in cases of nair psoriasis. The characteristic features are : Rough, thick & deformed nails  — Constitutionally suited to fatty, chilly & costive patients who have thickened skin. Sometimes Skin complaints are characterized with a dry , cracked skin with a watery  transparent & sticky discharge — useful in cases of psoriasis e constipation — To treat rough , dry, cracked skin/ raw skin on joints, groin, neck & ears.  4 PETROLEUM OLEUMS:  — suitable remedy for psoriasis where deep cracks appear on the skin  — Burning sensation & intolerable itching on the affected skin.  — Bleeding may be ( tnt) in the cracks — The skin is intensely sore painful hard fissured & slow to heal  — crawling sensation on skin may attend over under the skin — skin complaints usually aggravate in winters 5 Psorinum  — useful in psoriasis that worsens in winters key indication — Fine red eruptions covered e white scales, which neosen in cold weather prevent on : follow of knee / elbow  — Itching appears scratching provides temporary relief: — The skin looks dusty & greasy . — Psorinum patients are extremely chilly , who wants to be hearapped up even in the hottest summer weather

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