OOPS Interview Questions and Answers

Welcome to OOPS interview questions and answers. There are many Object Oriented Programming languages such as Java, C++, and Python. Having a clear idea about OOPS concepts is very important if you are going to face any interview on these programming languages. That’s why I thought to share the top OOPS interview questions with you and provide detailed answers for them.
OOPS Interview Questions
1 What is OOPS?
2 What are the advantages of OOPS concepts?
3 What is the difference between Procedural programming and OOPS?
4 What are the core concepts of OOPS?
5 What is Abstraction?
6 What is Encapsulation?
7 What is the difference between Abstraction and Encapsulation?
8 What is Polymorphism?
9 What is Inheritance?
10 What are multiple inheritances?
11 What is the diamond problem in inheritance?
12 Why Java does not support multiple inheritances?
13 What is Static Binding and Dynamic Binding?
14 What is the meaning of the “IS-A” and “HAS-A” relationship?
15 What is the Association?
16 What is Aggregation?
17 What is Composition?
18 What is Dependency?
19 What is the difference between Association and Dependency?
20 What is a Class?
21 What is an Object?

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