Most Popular Hill Stations Near Delhi For An Office Outing

Most Popular Hill Stations Near Delhi

McLeod Ganj

McLeod Ganj is a sparkling jewel in the Himalayas at only 477 km from Delhi. You might have heard McLeod Ganj nicknamed as “Little Lhasa” because of the cultural influence of the Tibetans. When you enter McLeod Ganj you witness a lot of Monks. However, do not be mistaken. The place has lots more to offer other than the Tibetan Monasteries under its surreal surface.

Cupped by majestic hills and mesmerizing landscapes, it is a visionary delight when searching for best hill stations near Delhi. Varying from Buddhism courses to Yoga and treks, McLeod Ganj has become a hub of unique activities.

Adventurous Activities: Its topography supports an array of adventurous sports like Camping, Backpacking, Paragliding, Parasailing, Rock Climbing, Rappelling and River Rafting.

You can take a Paragliding and Parasailing trip under the supervision of licensed pilots. You may also witness McLeod Ganj’s cricket stadium or the parliament of Tibetans from up and above. It is truly an amazing experience, high above the ground, feeling the crisp wind in your face while the whole world seems so small.

McLeod Ganj attracts lots of international travelers. It has grown from a laid-back town to a popular town with some good cafes and lip-smacking international cuisines.


Dwindling pine trees and historic oaks are the prime features of the most popular hill station in the Kumaon Mountains. The Town of Almora sprawls like a horseshoe and has a rich cultural history of the British era.

The architecture, the unique handicrafts and soothing vastness of lush greens rewire your brain to nature’s rhythm. Far from the hustle and bustle, you find a solace that touches the soul. You can view the snow-capped Himalayas standing tall since ages. While the elderlies make temple visits like Nana Devi and Kasar Devi, you may turn to something more adventurous.

Adventurous Activities: Almora’s rugged mountains are famous for Mountain Biking without too much of training. Backpackers love to trek along the flower lines, small mountain trek and trails, feeling blissful while the birds chirp along. Walk through the alpine forests along the small streams to complete your hillside experience.


Have you dreamt about skiing? It is time to realize that dream? Pack your bags and take a trip to the “Skiing destination of India”- Auli at only 509 km from Delhi. From January to March Auli has a lot of footfall from across the Indian subcontinent because of the National Championship of Snow Skiing.

You can witness the panoramic views of beautiful gigantic Himalayan ranges. With rich forests of Oaks, Deodar, and Orchards, it is an ideal location for honeymooners, families, and couples with kids. Auli is one of the quiet hill stations near Delhi that claims its popularity to housing the world’s highest man-made Auli Lake. It is also popular for the highest and longest ropeway in Asia after Gulmarg.

You do not need to be a pro to enjoy auli trekking. Divulge into the glittering beginner slopes with the skiing equipment. Trek along 6, 7, 11 and 12 km treks along the Khulara and Tapovan treks. River Alaknanda offers water lovers rafting opportunities in its gushing white waters.

Auli offers typical Garhwali cuisine for the taste buds. Few special chai cafes are most sought after in Auli for the unique combinations like Green Tea and butter. Auli is full of surprises and adventure and does complete justice to your days off from work.


Looking for an untouched and unspoiled hill station near Delhi, Lansdowne is the one for you. At 264 km from Delhi, it is perfect for a short trip. The serenity of Lansdowne is due to the undulating hills. Lansdowne terrains are perfect for long casual walks in lush greens. You will witness a clean, less crowded town, that helps you rejuvenate your deep soul. If you are the one who likes little activity, you can enjoy boating and paddling in Bhulla Lake, a man-made lake.

Adventurous activities: You can shun the hotel rooms and instead pack your tents and camping equipment. Set up a tent in the open lush greens of Lansdowne for a perfect experience in hill stations near Delhi. A bonfire, some guitar strings will make an evening to remember for a lifetime. Treks, adventurous forest walks, bird watching are some of the treats that Lansdowne has to offer.

Local delicacies of Lansdowne are going to be a treat for your taste buds. Phaanu, Thechwani, Baadi may sound like tongue twisters but your tongue is going to love the taste of local cuisine. The serenity of Lansdowne is what you are going to take back with you to Delhi.


A quaint hill station, where your eyes will witness the mystics of nature. Witness the grand mountains bathed in the golden rays of the rising sun. The early morning sun rays turn the snow-covered tops of the Himalayan Mountains to golden glory. The tiny hamlet of Kausani is 418 km from the hustle and bustle of Delhi.

The place is so quiet that you can hear the melodious sound of gushing winds. Visit the villages to get a cultural touch of hills and sip your best ever cup of tea in Kausani Tea Estate. Take a trip to Gwaldam, a fairytale town in Kausani. Deep forests and small lakes make it a perfect picnic spot.

Adventurous Activities: Rock Climbing in Rudderi will challenge your mental and physical strength as you climb the 60 Feet rock. You may love the trek along Rudradhari Falls and Caves that gives you views of paddy fields and pine forests. All in all, Kausani is a delightful getaway and winter turns Kausani into a wonderland.


One of the hill stations near Delhi, Dhanaulti is coming up as a very popular weekend destination. Situated at 293 km from Delhi, it is gathering quite some crowd. It offers you the tranquility and charm. Busy but still away from the maddening rush, Dhanaulti is a treat for adventure destination lovers. You can view the snow-capped mountains and wander deep into the dense forest slopes.Adventurous Activities: If you are looking for heart-throbbing activities, Dhanaulti has a lot more to offer than you expected. It beholds some extreme adventure sports like the 600 ft high Zip Line. Camping, Rappelling and Mountain Biking will enthrall you at 70ft and 8000 feet respectively. You may choose to camp outside in the lush open greens. Valley crossing, exploring the caves, and ATV – quad bikes have been attracting hordes of adventure lovers.ChakrataBeing a secluded town in the hills is not the only identity of Chakrata. At 318 km from Delhi, Chakrata is a hub for the mountaineering adventure lovers. Chakrata has a topography to create beautiful surreal waterfalls like the Tiger falls. The place has a history going back to the times of Mahabharata. You can witness the Hano Mahasu Temple and Lakhamandal Temple that date back to the Mahabharata era. Chakrata is mystical in its natural beauty. You can often see the visitors wandering in the deep forests and enjoying nature’s presence at its best.Adventurous Activities: Chakrata is famous among professional mountaineers for the Kharamba peak and skiing activities during winters. If you are non-professional, Chakrata will not disappoint you. You can choose to go for rejuvenating trekking, Waterfall Rappelling, River rafting as well as cycling. Come to Chakrata with a weary soul, it promises you will return completely rejuvenated.NarkandaThis tiny town in the Himalayan hills has become a top tourist destination. Narkanda owes its popularity to the scenic beauty of snow clad mountains. If you plan to go to Narkanda do plan a trip to the Apple Orchards. The ancient Mahamaya temple is a key attraction due to its history, and deep dense forests make it a perfect center to meditate and connect with nature.Adventurous Activities: Narkanda’s snow-clad slopes come alive with the skiing enthusiasts in winters. Narkanda has courses for professional skiing too. The treks along beautiful trails will make your days active and even more beautiful.TaboA small town in Spiti valley and on the banks of Spiti River, Tabo is a visual treat. Tabo has a plethora of mud statues and wall paintings. Known for its 1000 years old Tibetan Monastery, Tabo attracts lots of mountaineers and trekkers. Pleasant weather in summers to heavy snowfall in winters, Tabo has it all to offer you.Adventurous Activities: If you love to explore the caves, Tabo has 1000-year-old caves. If you trek 15 mins to the foothills you may see lots of Buddhist Lamas meditate. The Spiti valley is famous for its adventure trips near the Tabo terrain. Green fields and deep gorges near Tabo has made it a backpacker’s delight.Adventure filled trips with yogic respite, the top hill stations near Delhi are perfect for family getaways and totally worth your rejuvenation hours!!

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