MBA Interview Questions

MBA Finance and Accounting Interview Questions :-
How do we calculate income tax?
– Do you think operating profit can be more than the gross profit?
– Can you describe how Private Banking works?
– Can you differentiate between current assets & fixed assets?
– What is the difference between revenue and profit?
– Do you invest in stock markets?
– For a big MNC, What documents are covered in the Financial Statement?
– Have you heard about investment banking?
– How do you record sundry allowances in accounts?
– How many different accounting standards are there?
– In which language was accountancy first established?
– Suppose you have a balance sheet of an SME company, how will you decide whether to finance the company or not?
– Tell me something about double entry book keeping.
– Tell us about accounts and taxation.
– What are the different types of taxes?
– What is capital budgeting?
– What is the difference between book value and market value?
– What is finance?
– What is ICWA, balance sheet?
– What is Fixed Cost, Variable Cost and Break Even point?
– What is Income tax?
– What is Indirect tax?
– What is India’s Foreign Exchange Reserve?
– What is Investment Banking?
– What is liquidity?
– What is Marginal Costing?
– What is market capitalization?
– What is PE ratio?
– What is the difference between Options and Futures?
– Who invented Double Entry Book Keeping?
– What is the internal rate of return formulae
– What is the Net Present Value formula?
– What is the relation between income statement and balance sheet?
– What is the role of an auditor?
– What is turnover?
– What is value of firm?
– What is working capital account?
– Which accounting standard do we follow?
– Why is P&L account not known as profit and loss account?
– Why profit is shown on liability side of the balance sheet?
– How do you do breakeven analysis?

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