Learn the Art of Making Professional Resume

Learn the Art of Making Professional Resume

Resume is an essential key which if presented in the right way can easily unlock the door of your dream job. It is something that makes your first impression to a recruiter. Your resume is not an MS Word document rather it’s a mirror revealing your achievements, talent and skill sets. Any dream turns into reality with perseverance and hard work and for landing your dream job, you require to let your resume do the talking.


There are some golden rules to make professional resume and here you will get the necessary tips that need to be followed for coming out with the flying colors. Let’s take a look:

1. Instead of making a long boring list with all your qualities just try to connect them with work experience and real life. In other words, you require to back these strengths and qualities up, else it would appear that you are trying to expand things.

2. Like it or not, companies will generally make a judgment about the resume only in 5 seconds. So, under this time frame, the most essential aspect would be the titles that you listed on your resume. Make sure they grab the attention.

3. No employers have the patience or time to read long paragraphs. Therefore, make sure to use short descriptions and bullet points to reveal your educational background, experiences and professional objectives.

4. Resumes that contain long list of the responsibilities included are simply boring and also not effective in selling yourself. So, instead of listing responsibilities, therefore, reveal your professional achievements.

5. Try to use simple yet professional words that will grab the attention of the recruiters in an easy manner. And also maintain the professional format so that the chances of getting selected can increase.

6. It will be tough to emphasize the significance of proofreading your resume. Typos can also make an interviewee seem inattentive to the details. One small typo and your possibility of getting hired can slip. So, it is highly advised to proofread your resume to ensure that your resume is error free and consistent at the same time. Proofread it as much as you can.

7. Do not add information that may sound negative in the employer’s eye. And this is valid both to your interviews and your resume. You don’t have to include, for example, things that you really hated about your previous company.

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