Khushbu Sundar quits Congress, likely to join BJP today

In her abdication letter to Congress boss Sonia Gandhi, Khushbu Sundar composed that she was being ‘pushed and stifled’
Mainstream entertainer diverted legislator Khushboo Sundar left the Congress party today. In her acquiescence letter to Congress boss Sonia Gandhi she stated, “hardly any components situated at a more elevated level inside the gathering, individuals who’ve no availability with ground reality or public acknowledgment are directing terms”.
“After a long intensive point of view over some undefined time frame, have chosen to end my relationship with the gathering,” she composed.
As per sources, she is probably going to join BJP today. This could be a critical push forward of gathering races in her home state Tamil Nadu one year from now.
“Many see an adjustment in me. Well as you age, you develop n develop, learn n forget, discernments change, likes n hates as well, considerations n thoughts take another shape, dreams are new, you comprehend the distinction between like n love, between right n wrong. Change is inescapable. Cheerful eve.” she had tweeted on Saturday.

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